Stewardship Groups on the Siuslaw National Forest

Stewardship groups are comprised of individuals and organizations from the local area working with the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to promote forest restoration that meets the needs of the local community.

The Siuslaw National Forest collaborates with 4 stewardship groups:

  • Hebo
  • Alsea
  • Marys Peak
  • Siuslaw Basin

Please visit the Siuslaw Collaborative Watershed Restoration Program website sponsored by Cascade Pacific Resource Conservation & Development for stewardship group information including:

  • meeting calendars, agendas and notes (starting 2014; some fall 2013)
  • workshops
  • publications


Meeting Notes & Documents to Fall/Winter 2013

Coast Range Stewardship Roundtable

The Coast Range Stewardship Roundtable, a group comprised of 2 members from each of the Siuslaw National Forest's stewardship groups, provides a forum to share information and to accomplish common goals across the stewardship groups.  The Roundtable meets 3 times a year: Winter, Fall, and Spring. 

Joint Stewardship Group 

Annual meeting of all the stewardship groups working with the Siuslaw National Forest 

  • Meeting Notes:
  • Presentations:
    • Bear Creek LWP (pdf ~ 1.5 mb)
      Presentation by Catherine Pruett on Hebo Stewardship Group Wyden project for large wood placement.
    • Canal Creek Project (pdf ~ 1.07 mb) | Text only version 
      Presentation by Andy Kittel on Alsea Stewardship Group Wyden project for stream bank stabilization and large wood placement.
    • MPSG Outreach Strategy (pdf ~ 3.0 mb)
      Presentation by Karen Fleck-Harding on landowner outreach efforts for the Mary’s Peak Stewardship Group.
    • Siuslaw Restoration Economy (pdf ~ 857 kb)
      Presentation by Johnny Sundstrom on making a successful transition from a natural resource extraction economy to a restoration based economy.
    • SMP Final Presentation (pdf ~ 1.8 mb) | Text only version 
      Presentation by Matt Mellenthin of IRM on the Draft FY2010 Multi-Party Monitoring Report for the Siuslaw National Forest Stewardship projects.
    • Stewardship Media Presentation (pdf ~ 125 kb)
      Presentation by Chandra LeGue and Joni Quarnstrom on ideas and tools for working with the media.

Hebo Stewardship Group

  • Meetings
    • Second Thursday of each month
      Alternating between Pacific City and Lincoln City

Siuslaw Basin Stewardship Group

The Siuslaw Stewardship Group meets regularly to guide this program. Two documents are available that describe the program, including goals and accomplishments. Copies of these documents are available by contacting the Siuslaw National Forest.

Alsea Stewardship Group

Marys Peak Stewardship Group

Supporting Documents