Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Reopening Fall 2020

  • Is all of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest open?
    No. There are fire closures in place for the August Complex, Red Salmon Complex, Spring and Fox Fires. There is also a dispersed camping closure for areas near Mt. Shasta. Individual closure area orders and maps can be found at

    A PDF map showing all closures can be found on our website at or as a direct download at

  • Which “developed recreation sites” like campgrounds and boat ramps are open?
    This is the time of year when many campgrounds and day use areas begin closing for the winter season. Some are within fire closures and some are closed within the Shasta McCloud Management Unit due to Forest Order No. 14-20-10. Some boat ramps are closed due to low lake levels. Please refer to the Forest website or call the closest ranger station to find out which sites are open

  • Where can I go hunting?
    Areas on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest that aren’t in a fire closure area are open to hunting with the appropriate license/tag. Please visit the forest website for a map showing all closures or a direct download at

  • What areas are closed?
    Areas near the Red Salmon Complex Fire, August Complex Fire, Spring Fire and Fox Fire remain closed.  See a map of the forest closures at or a direct download at

  • A rifle is an ignition source, can I still use one for hunting?
    Yes. You may hunt with a rifle. Firearms are allowed as they are not included in the emergency fire order.

  • Which Forests are open in the North State?
    Shasta-Trinity, Lassen and Modoc National Forests have re-opened to varying degrees. Each of these forests have some open areas for recreation opportunities. Please refer to the individual forest websites for details. Please note that the campfire ban remains in effect in every National Forest.

  • Can I have a campfire, BBQ or propane stove?
    Campfires and charcoal BBQ's are prohibited everywhere on National Forest System lands per Regional Order 20-18. Propane and gas stove use is now permitted in developed recreation sites on National Forests in California as of October 1, 2020. Developed recreation sites are defined as areas which have been improved or developed for recreation such as campgrounds and day use sites. The text of the order can be found at

  • Can I have a BBQ or propane stove on my boat or houseboat?
    No. Regional Order 20-18 is in place that prohibits campfires, BBQ’s on all areas of the forest and permits gas stoves only in developed recreation sites like campgrounds and day use areas.  

  • Are generators and hot plates allowed on the forest to cook with?
    Under Shasta-Trinity National Forest Fire Restrictions, operating a generator is permissible on paved, gravel or dirt National Forest System roads, including developed campsite parking spurs/spaces. Due to extreme fire conditions, people are encouraged to ensure their generators have a spark arrester and to clear the area around generators and hot plates of flammable materials.

  • Can I ride my OHV on legal routes?
    Yes. The heat from an ATVs exhaust system can easily start a fire. ATVers can do their part in preventing new fires by avoiding tinder-dry areas, ensure they have a spark arrestor, carry fire suppression equipment such as a pail or extinguisher and stay informed. Ride only where it is allowed. Refer to this website for more information:

  • When will the orders be lifted?
    The Shasta McCloud dispersed camping closure will lift October 31, 2020. The fire closures will lift when the fires are declared out. For fire information, please visit

  • Can I access my property via a forest road?
    The closure orders allow for accessing private property, except in active fire areas.

  • What about target shooting?
    Please follow these guidelines: Target shooters must know and follow California State firearm laws on national forests in California. Please see this site for more information:

  • Can I make reservations for camping?
    All available camping is first come/first served until the end of the season. Check with for campgrounds that are open all-year.

  • Can I hike on the trails?
    Yes. Day hiking is allowed in all areas, except for fire closure areas.  Overnight use is prohibited in the areas near Mt. Shasta, Dunsmuir, Castella, McCloud and Weed as identified in Forest Order No. 14-20-10. Closure information can be found on the forest website


FAQs – Forest Order for Dispersed Camping Closure No. 14-20-10


  • When does the order go into effect and when does it end?
    The Forest Order No. 14-20-10 which closes two areas on the Shasta McCloud Management Unit to dispersed camping began September 19, 2020 and runs through October 31, 2020.

  • Where can I get a map of the closure areas?
    Downloadable and high-resolution PDF maps of the Dispersed Camping and Fire Area Closures can be found on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest Website at:

  • Why are some areas being closed to dispersed camping and others are not?
    The Shasta McCloud Management Unit is implementing a forest closure order to prohibit dispersed camping/overnight use in certain areas of the forest surrounding the towns of McCloud, Mt. Shasta, Weed, Dunsmuir, and Castella. It has been observed this year that the Unit has experienced significantly increased levels of dispersed camping, including an increase in illegal campfires. Throughout the summer the Forest Service continued to educate and issue warnings with the public about fire restrictions with little compliance.  The closure is a safety measure to keep these communities safe from the threat of wildfires during this period of extremely high fire danger and firefighting resources that are spread thin.

  • We traditionally hike or ride deep into the woods and set up a deer camp. Are we still able to hunt?
    The Shasta McCloud closure areas prohibit dispersed camping even for deer camps within the closed area.  Dispersed camping and deer camps are allowed in other areas of the forest not affected by fire closures. A PDF map showing all current closures can be found on our website at or a direct download at

  • Can we still harvest mushrooms within the closure areas?
    Yes, you may, if there is a fall mushroom season.  Please remember that overnight and dispersed camping within the closure areas is prohibited.  All fires and gas stoves are prohibited on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest until restrictions are lifted or reduced. For more information please visit or call the McCloud Ranger Station at (530) 440-4105.

  • I want to hike the trails and may need to layover for the night, can I camp along the trails?
    Overnight use is not permitted within the closure areas on the Shasta McCloud Management Unit as identified in Forest Order No. 14-20-10. Closure information can be found on the forest website

  • While climbing Mount Shasta we often camp overnight and continue our ascent in the early hours, will we still be able to do this?
    No.  The Mount Shasta Wilderness and areas around the mountain are included in the closure area.  No overnight or dispersed camping allowed.  Plan for a summit attempt and return on the same day. For more information, please call the McCloud Ranger Station at (530) 440-4105.