Big Tree Program

The photo at left shows a registered champion tree placard on the Washington State Champion Water Birch tree located on the Pomeroy Ranger District.  The Umatilla National Forest Big Tree program was designed to address biological diversity concerns by locating and reserving (from timber harvest) the largest examples of each tree species occurring on the Forest. It was also designed to be compatible with national and state programs.

Initiated in 1988, the Umatilla's Big Tree Program is part of a nationwide effort to locate, measure, and recognize the largest individual trees of each species. The nominator(s) of a big tree is recognized with a certificate and a t-shirt (or artwork), and a yellow placard is attached to the tree so that others will know it is registered in the Umatilla’s Big Tree program.

Big Tree Register

Information about big trees of the Umatilla National Forest is displayed in this Register

How to Measure a Big Tree

Big Tree Nomination Form

Nomination Awards

One example of an Artwork Sheet AwardIndividuals who nominate a tree for the Umatilla National Forest big-tree program (the tree must be located on National Forest System lands located within the Umatilla National Forest) qualify for a non-monetary award.

T-shirts are available in several colors, and in 2010, we added color artwork sheets showing tree characteristics for seven species: quaking aspen, grand fir, Engelmann spruce, ponderosa pine, western white pine, western larch, and Douglas-fir. Each sheet is hand-colored, and individually numbered and signed by the artist. The artwork sheets have a nominal size of 11 inches by 16 inches and are suitable for framing (printed on heavy paper).  Either a t-shirt or an artwork sheet (only one or the other) is available for any qualifying nomination to the Umatilla NF big-tree program.