Sno-Park Permits

Sno-Park PassDo you like to play in the snow, ski, snowboard, or snowmobile? Proceeds from Sno-Park permit sales help pay for parking lot construction, snow removal, sanitation facilities, trail grooming, trail signs, mapping, education, and enforcement at many of your favorite winter recreation areas.

You must have a valid Sno-Park permit displayed in the windshield of your vehicle if you park in designated winter recreation parking areas (Sno-Parks) between November 1 and April 30. Each area will be posted with signs identifying them as a WINTER RECREATION AREA. You will find Sno-Parks in all mountain passes as well as most recognized ski, snowmobile, and snow play areas.

Oregon and Washington state will end the 35-year agreement to honor each other's permits for winter recreation areas on October 1, 2013.

Washington charges $40 for an annual permit, $20 for a daily. Oregon charges $25 a year, $4 a day.

There are several Sno-Park areas on the Umatilla National Forest including ten areas along Oregon State Highway 204, the Mt Emily Sno-Park on Forest Service Road 31, Four-Corners Sno-Park on Oregon State Highway 244, and the Touchet Corral Sno-Park on Forest Road 64 in Washington.

You can purchase Oregon permits at most sporting good stores and at your local Oregon DMV office. Washington permits can be purchased at State Parks region offices, from local retail locations or day passes can be purchased online.  They can not be purchased at Umatilla National Forest offices.