Forest Products Permits

Evergreen Boughs Permits

Greenery is commonly used for seasonal decorations, flower arrangements, ceremonies, and fragrances. Boughs are often harvested from true fir, cedar, pine, mountain hemlock, and Douglas-fir trees.

Prices for boughs permits vary. The minimum cost of a commercial permit is $40 per ton for most species, including Incense Cedar without bloom. The minimum cost of a commercial permit for Incense Cedar with bloom is $60 per ton.

On the Umpqua National Forest, you may also gather 20 pounds (two large armloads) of greenery per family for your personal use without a permit. These should be trimmed from the bottom third of the tree.

Harvest season for Christmas decorations is September through the first week in December. For other uses, boughs may be harvested at any time except shortly after new growth takes place in the spring. In order to maintain tree growth and vigor, the harvester will be required to leave a portion of the foliage intact and to have adequate pruning tools.

Call one of our Ranger District offices or email to request a permit.