Forest Products Permits

Cones Permits

Conifer cones are collected for several purposes. In the late summer and fall, they can be collected commercially to provide seed for tree planting. After cones disperse their seeds naturally, they can be also be collected for decorative uses such as wreaths and potpourris. Cones can be sold for personal use or for commercial resale.

Commercial permits will be sold to individuals who wish to harvest and resell seed cones or dry cones commercially or who wish to collect over one bushel for personal use. The minimum purchase price of a permit is $20. Fee permits are required for seed cones.

Free-use permits allow the permittee to gather cones for personal use only. They generally authorize the permittee to harvest 20 sugar pine cones and 10 bushels of other species, and will only be given for dry cones used for decorating. Cones harvested for personal use cannot be sold.

Commercial use and personal use quantities for seed cones and dry cones will be limited by the following:

  • Dry cones are cones in which the seed has already disseminated from the one. Dry cones may only be gathered from the ground. No climbing of trees is permitted.
  • Seed cones may or may not be available. All sales will be coordinated with the District Silviculturist. Availability will depend on the time of year, species desired, and areas desired for collection.

Call one of our ranger district offices or email to request a permit.