Learning Center

The ANF offers a wide variety of opportunities for parents and kids to experience the natural wonders of northwest Pennsylvania.

Jakes Rocks in the sunlightNature and Science

Experience nature in action! Learn about the Kane Expiramental Forest and the Tionesta Research Natural Area. Find out what threatened and endangered species are on Allegheny, as well as what non-native invasive species threaten the hemlock and ash. Learn about habitat for birds and explore what types of amphibians and reptiles you might see while you are here.


logcamp - 1800sHistory and Culture

The history of the Allegheny plateau stretches back to the glaciers that shaped the valleys and plateaus of northwestern Pennsylvania.





Safety and Ethics - poison ivyOutdoor Safety & Ethics

Learn to take care of your personal safety as you enjoy the outdoors on the Allegheny, as well as take care of the land while you visit.





Cube: Just for KidsJust for Kids

The Allegheny is a fun place with lots to do. Come check out the house-sized rocks that are scattered across the landscape. Explore wildflowers, insects, and birds along creek and stream beds. In this section you'll find kid friendly websites and activities.




Cube: Parents and TeachersParents & Teachers

Exploring nature gives us a chance to engage our most vital human capacities — our curiosity, our ability to care for other creatures, our creativity and imagination. On this page you'll find resources for lesson plans, training and activities.