2012 Forest Plan Monitoring Strategy

The 2012 Planning Rule (36 CFR 219.12(c)(1)) requires that all land management plan monitoring programs meet the requirements of the new rule for transition of the plan monitoring programs by May 9, 2016. 

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National Forest Plans, Analyses, and Assessment

This section contains large area planning documents including Forest Plans and Amendments, LSR's, Watershed Analyses, Wild & Scenic River Plans, and Newberry National Volcanic Monument Plan for the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests.

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Monitoring Reports

This page includes Land and Resource Management Plan Monitoring Reports for the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forest.

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Roads Analysis Report

The section of the site includes the Roads Analysis Report Forest-Wide Assessment for the Ochoco National Forest, Deschutes National Forest, and Crooked River National Grassland from January 2003.

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Invasive Plant Treatment Projects - EIS

Approximately 420,000 acres of National Forests and Grasslands in the Pacific Northwest Region are degraded by infestations of invasive, non-native plants. Invasive plants create a host of harmful environmental effects to native ecosystems including: displace native plants; degrade or eliminate habitat and forage for wildlife; threaten Endangered species; impact recreation; affect fire frequency; alter soil properties; decrease biodiversity; and more. Invasive plants spread across landscapes, unimpeded by ownership boundaries. Infested areas represent potential seed sources for continuation of the invasion on neighboring lands.

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Travel Management Planning and Environmental Analysis

In accordance with the Travel Management Rule the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests and the Crooked River National Grassland prohibit motorized travel outside of those existing designated routes (roads and trails) and areas - where it is not already restricted or prohibited by law, regulation, policy, order, Forest Plan direction, or site-specific decision.

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Northwest Forest Plan Record of Decision and Standards and Guideline

Below is a link to the Regional Ecosystem Office (REO) web site for the Northwest Forest Plan documents.

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