About the Forest

Established as a unit on October 1, 1998, the Dakota Prairie Grasslands Supervisor's Office, located in Bismarck, ND, oversees the Little Missouri National Grasslands (1,028,000 acres), the Sheyenne National Grasslands (70,200 acres), the Cedar River National Grasslands (6,700 acres), and the Grand River National Grasslands (155,000 acres).

Photo of a prairie scene with rocks.The Dakota Prairie Grasslands are publicly owned lands administered by the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. These large blocks of land in North and South Dakota are the home to four Ranger District Offices; the Grand River Ranger District Office on the Grand River and Cedar River National Grasslands; the Sheyenne Ranger District Office on the Sheyenne National Grasslands; and the McKenzie Ranger District Office and the Medora Ranger District Office on the Little Missouri National Grasslands.

The Dakota Prairie Grasslands hold a treasure trove of natural science, revealing its secrets to scientists, hobbyists, and enthusists who come here to observe, study, and conduct research. Plants and animals, rocks and minerals, precious water resources and even the air have been studied in this unique outdoor laboratory.

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