Just for Kids

Getting outdoors is a lot of fun! In your National Forests in Florida, there are lots of places to explore and enjoy with your family. You can go swimming in a crystal-clear spring, take a walk on a nature trail, paddle down a quiet stream, or just roam beneath the tall longleaf pines listening for woodpeckers.

Family adventures in the National Forests in Florida

Let your parents know where you want to play outdoors! Here are some adventures you can enjoy as a family.


Search for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers

Red-cockaded woodpecker

These endangered birds live in ancient longleaf pines that rise tall above the rest of the forest. You'll find them in all of our National Forests in Florida.

Play in the Ocala National Forest

Swimming beach at Alexander Springs

With bubbling springs and ancient sand dunes, the Ocala National Forest is a great place for the family to play together - in the water in the warm months, on the trails in the cool months.


Take Pictures of Pitcher Plants

Trumpet pitcher plants near Wright Lake

In the Apalachicola and Osceola National Forests, these carnivorous plants gobble up flies and other small insects that fall inside their long trumpets

Hunt for Sinkholes

Big Dismal Sink

Sinkholes happen a lot in Florida, so we have quite a few of them in the Apalachicola and Ocala National Forests.