Parents & Teachers

The USDA Forest Service provides extensive educational and curriculum programs for conservation education. The Educator's Toolbox is full of lesson plans, themes, and hands-on training for educators and the iconic Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl are just as lively as ever in helping children learn fire safety and conservation.

Additional educational resources pertaining to natural Florida include:

Get Outdoors, Florida! - A coalition of state agencies, non-profits, and private organizations encouraging Floridians to get outdoors more. Includes detailed information on outdoor recreation for families.

Step Up, Florida! - A health-based initiative for Floridians to join and learn why walking is an important part of your health regimen.

Take Me Fishing - What's involved with going fishing in Florida? Teach your children how to fish and do so in an environmentally responsible manner.

Florida Panther Net - Lesson plans and learning opportunities about Florida's most endangered mammal.


Smokey Bear Resources

Smokey Bear

Get your Smokey on! The iconic symbol of fire prevention since 1952, Smokey has more than a few lessons to share. Pick up lesson plans and invite Smokey for a visit!

Woodsy Owl Programs

Woodsy Owl

Give a hoot with Woodsy Owl! Since the 1970s, Woodsy has taught children how to care for our land. Find teachers' resources and how to get Woodsy to your classroom.