Forest Products Permits

Deer Moss along the Lake Eaton Sinkhole TrailDeer moss, firewood, pine straw ... all of these are natural forest products that regenerate but must be managed.

Collecting of forest products for commercial use requires a permit from the District Ranger, who is responsible for setting the appropriate restrictions on both the quantity and the location of collections.

Fees, based on quantity and location, are charged to harvest these products commercially. 

The following forest products can be commercially harvested with a permit:

  • Christmas trees
  • Deer moss
  • Palmetto fronds
  • Turkey oak tips
  • Crookedwood or Dragonwood (lyonia ferruginea)
  • Lightered wood
  • Firewood

Restrictions, set by district, may apply, such as:

  • Firewood may be harvested only in designated areas that have been evaluated for their relative abundance and impact on wildlife.
  • Crooked wood and deer moss may only be harvested from areas scheduled for regeneration.

To obtain a permit, individuals and helpers must visit a District Ranger station during regular business hours and provide official identification.

Permits can be obtained at the following locations: