Contracting with the Forest Service


We want to do business with you. Forest Service contractors perform a wide range of services including housekeeping, fire and aviation support, construction, transportation, equipment leasing, special studies and analyses, information technology and professional, management and administrative support. However, the Forest Service, as with other federal agencies, is under strict guidance of how we can or cannot work with you.  Here’s how to get started:

You can also search solicitations on the web site.

Smokey Bear Licensing

The USDA Forest Service is responsible for managing the commercial licensing program and use of Smokey Bear. Day-to-day administration is handled by a contracted licensing agency. The licensing agency provides professional services that meet the Program's commercial licensing and marketing objectives. Licensing is required for any use that generates any revenue as a result of the image and likeness of Smokey Bear. Licensing may be for a term of years or for a one-time use, depending on the product and use of the Smokey Bear image.