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Passes & Permits

Recreation Passes and Permits

Midewin Permits/Passes

Interagency Recreation Passes

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Recreation Passes & Permits

Midewin Recreation Passes & Fees

There are no fees charged for most interpretive programs and no fees charged at trailheads and day use areas.

Hunters are required to obtain a Midewin hunting pass in addition to their state hunting permit, but there is currently no charge for the Midewin hunting pass. Hunting passes are available at the Welcome Center

Interagency Recreation Passes

Although Midewin does not charge fees, we do sell Interagency Passes.  

Interagency Pass: Annual

Where to Purchase

For More Information

Visit www.fs.fed.us/passespermits/annual.shtml for information on what the pass covers, what it doesn't cover and where it can be used.


Other Permits

Event/Commercial Permits

Special Use - Commercial Use permits are required to use National Forest System lands when there is commercial gain, or when there is an impact on public resources. More detailed information about Special Use Permits visit the U.S. Forest Service website.

Agricultural Permits

Combined documents with cover letter (pdf)

Prospectus for soybeans and wheat for the 2016/2017 growing seasons (pdf)

2016-2017 Parcel Map (pdf)

Agricultural permits or leases continue to be used for resource management purposes at Midewin.  These permits are awarded through competitive bids on a detailed prospectus that specifies location and management goals and restrictions.

The management goals for agricultural permits include controlling invasive plant species until areas can be converted to native vegetation or grassland wildlife habitat.  These areas, if left idle, would be a major source of invasive plant incursion throughout Midewin.  Agricultural crops are also used at Midewin to prepare sites for planting prairie and wetland vegetation and grassland bird habitat.  The agricultural production controls invasive species prior to planting and provides an excellent seedbed to plant native prairie seed.

The current crop rotation is between Roundup-ready soybeans and winter wheat.  Corn has been excluded from this rotation because of the chemicals (pesticides and fertilizer) necessary for production.  Both soybeans and wheat have been used at Midewin prior to the planting of native vegetation or for site preparation. 

Hay permits are issued in grassland wildlife management areas to control grass height and woody plant invasion.  All hay is cut after August 15th to protect ground-nesting wildlife.

Cattle grazing is used as a management tool to control grass heights for bird nesting in the spring and for rearing young throughout the summer months, in addition to keeping large unfragmented areas open for sensitive grassland bird habitat.  Cattle are permitted from April 1 through November 30 at Midewin and are removed for the winter months.



Forest Products Permits

Midewin does not offer permits for harvest or collection of Forest Products. Taking of mushrooms or antler sheds is not allowed. Permits for firewood and Christmas trees are available from other national forests in the Eastern Region; the closest to Midewin are the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois and the Chequamegen-Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin.