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Summer Recreation Residences

January 12- 13 Storm Damage Alert

Due to the wind and rainstorm, there are many downed trees and downed power lines in the recreation residence tract.  PGE and forest employees are working on clearing roads, prioritizing those who are trapped behind storm debris. This work will take several days.  In the meantime: 

  • Please postpone a visit to cabins.  There are many safety hazards in the area, including downed power lines.
  • First responders and work crews are out working and making progress- it is very important to not impede their work or block roads. 
  • Road 12 (Still Creek Rd.) is blocked and requires heavy equipment to remove a giant downed tree.
  • Electrity and internet is still being restored to some in the Mt. Hood corridor.
  • As staff gets safe road access they will assess recreation residences for damage and notify owners of discovered damage.

2021 Land Use Fee- Billing Update

A newly organized U.S. Forest Service Special Uses National Billing Team (NBT) mailed out the 2021 Land Use Fees on November 14, 2020. (Historically, each ranger district prepares and sent out land use fees to permit holders.) The NBT is in their first year of billing recreation residence land use fees and some permit holders are reporting they never received a copy of their land use fee in the mail.  There are multiple factors this can be attributed to, including not updating your mailing address with your permit administrator and the recent strain on the USPS system. 

Please do not contact anyone other than your Zigzag Ranger District Special Uses Team to request a copy of your land use fee bill.

If you have not received your 2021 Land Use Fee in the mail, please email jay.g.martin@usda.gov and provide the permit holder name, road & lot, and auth. ID if possible. The Zigzag Ranger District will email a PDF bill, payment instructions, and a billing survey from the National Billing Team requesting your preference in receiving future billings.

Recreational Residences on Mt. Hood

There are 549 privately owned recreation cabins on National Forest System lands on the Zigzag Ranger District.  The cabin program has been in existence since the 1930s and provides a unique recreational experience.  Cabin owners obtain a Special Use Permit from the Forest Service which allows them to maintain and use their cabin on National Forest System lands for recreational use on a part-time basis. 

For more information please check out the links on this webpage or contact Realty Specialist Greg Martin at 503-622-2031 or jay.g.martin@usda.gov


Prospective and Current Owners and Realtors

Doing Work On Your Cabin? Get Approval!

Projects Approval Requests are Accepted August 15 through November 15 of each year.

Requests for Hot Tub Installation

Permit Renewal

The Special-Use Permits for all 554 Recreation Cabins existing in 2008 expired on December 31, 2008.  Listed below are links that describe the Recreation Residence Consistency Review process. The process was undertaken to determine whether 20 year permits could be issued for the summer home program.  

Environmental Analysis Documents

The following are links to the various environmental documents which documented the decisions to reissue permits to owners of recreation residences within the various tracts of recreation residences.

Fisheries Biological Evaluations

Cabin Permit Fees

Historic Tract Evaluations

Additional Information on Historic Preservation

Vegetation Information

Fire Information


Key Contacts


Realty Specialist, Greg Martin: 
jay.g.martin@usda.gov  (503) 622-2031

Special Uses Program Manager, Nathan Fletcher:
nathan.fletcher@usda.gov  (503) 622-2030

Zigzag District Office: (503) 622-3191

Fire, Police, Medical Emergency: 911

Clackamas County Non-Emergency: (503) 655-8211

PGE Tree Hotline: (800) 544-1794