Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Schedule of Proposed Actions includes proposals whose decisions are expected to be documented in a Decision Memo, Decision Notice, or Record of Decision, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and agency direction and is published in January, April, July, and October. It contains the best available information at that time. Proposals that start and finish before the next schedule is produced will be listed in the next schedule as Completed.

Reports by district (HTML only)

Six Rivers - Business Plan

The business plan (pdf 5.25mb) answers such questions as: What is the business of this forest? What are the functional responsibilities and operational standards of the organization? How much money does this forest need to operate within appropriate standards? What is the forest's financial situation? It provides the forest managers with a powerful tool to communicate the current and future work of their organizations.

Six Rivers - Forest Management Plan

The 1995 Forest Plan is available online as a series of pdf files, or you may order a copy on CD from the Forest Supervisor's Office.


Recreation Facility Analysis

Many of the Six River's developed recreation sites were built 30-50 years ago. Some sites no longer serve projected recreation demand; some facilities are in poor shape and do not meet visitors' expectations. To respond to these conditions and national direction, the forest is implementing the Recreation Facility Analysis process for developed recreation sites. The result of Recreation Facility Analysis is a program of work with a list of prioritized actions to more effectively manage these recreation sites.

West Ishi Pishi Travel Analyses Process (TAP)

The Forest Service is continuing to implement the 2005 Travel Management Rule. This rule requires all National Forests initiate a Transportation Analysis Process (TAP) in order to identify a properly sized road system for each Forest. The ultimate goal is management and sustainability of a road system that minimizes adverse environmental impacts by assuring roads are in locations where they are necessary to meet access needs, and can be maintained within budget constraints. Read More »

Horse Linto, Mill and Tish Tang Creek Watershed Analysis March 2000

The focus of this watershed analysis is to assess the affects the Megram Fire had on the physical, biological and human processes within the Horse Linto Creek, Mill Creek and Tish Tang Creek Watersheds.

North Fork Eel River Watershed Analysis June 1996

This Watershed Analysis covers all lands (both public and private) in the North Fork Eel River watershed. It is intended to be one component of a more extensive document that will also contain watershed analyses for the South Fork Eel River, the Van Duzen River, and an overview of the entire Eel River Basin.


Modernization of Forest Plans in the Northwest

The Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest regions of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service collaboratively developed and released a Bioregional Assessment of Northwest Forests, which provides a snapshot in time of the current ecological, social and economic conditions on national forest system lands within the Northwest Forest Plan amendment area as well as two adjacent units. The NWFP amended existing forest plans on 19 national forest units across Washington, Oregon and California. The NWFP and those underlying forest plans require key updates to address contemporary management needs. For more information about the process to update forest plans, visit the Modernization of Forest Plans in the Northwest Home Page.

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