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All photos courtesy of Jessica Marquis

Two Killdeer birds in a grassy field Four spotted eggs in a nest A bird with a long upward curved beak stands in shallow water A small bird stands on a stick on the ground Three spotted eggs in a birds nest A hawk stands in the upper branches of a spindly tree A bird nest high in a leafless tree Two Pintail and two Mallard swim in a quiet pond Six eggs in a birds nest Shows a colorful male Ring necked Pheasant A female Ring necked Pheasant stands in tall grass A Bald Eagle sits in a tree next to a nest A Great Horned Owl watches from a tree A Black Bear seeks protection in a tree Two Canada Geese stand in a field A muskrat swims among tall reeds A very close up view of a Dragonfly sitting on a branch A small bird sits in a conifer tree A deer is shown laying down next to tall reeds Two cranes stand in a field of tall grass A bird sits on a large branch of a tree Two woodpeckers are shown on what appears to be a post A spotted owl is looking at the photographer from a tree A spotted owl chick is shown in a tree Two large fish are shown swimming in clear water Several large fish are shown swimming in clear water


Discovery In the Forest: Pumice Moonwort (video)

Image of moonwort with text

A very rare plant has been discovered on Mount Shasta - one that is native to the Pacific Northwest, yet has not been found outside of Crater Lake, Oregon. Until now.

Geologic Setting of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is geologically quite diverse and complex. It is primarily contained within the Klamath Mountains and Cascade Range geomorphic provinces1, but..