Ranger Districts on the Umatilla National Forest

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Recreation Reports by Ranger District

Photo: Penland Lake

Heppner Ranger District

The Heppner Ranger District is located in Heppner, Oregon. The District embraces 212,213 acres of the beautiful Blue Mountains, which includes portions of Grant, Morrow, Umatilla, and Wheeler Counties. There are approximately 500 miles of open roads to travel on, 27 miles of trails to hike, and 248 miles of streams that flow into 3 major rivers within Eastern Oregon. More...


North Fork John Day Office, Ukiah, OR
North Fork John Day District
Ukiah, Oregon

North Fork John Day Ranger District

The North Fork John Day District is 465,000 acres in the heart of the Blue Mountains. Diversity and complexity are key words in management of this land and its abundant resources. Plant communities range from juniper/sage/bunch grass at the 2,600 feet elevation in the Potamus Creek area to subalpine fir/whitebark pine habitats at the 8,000 feet elevation near Vinegar Hill in the Greenhorn Mountain Scenic Area. More...

 Clearwater Lookout

Pomeroy Ranger District

The Pomeroy Ranger District, the northern-most District of the Umatilla National Forest, is located within the Blue Mountains of southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon.  These mountains are made up of high plateaus, deeply cut by an intricate system of steep-walled, rim-rock canyons, offering excellent views of the canyons and area surrounding them. More...


South Fork Walla Walla River above Reser Creek in May

Walla Walla Ranger District

The Walla Walla Ranger District stretches from Dayton, WA, to the north to I-84 and Meacham, OR, to the south, Elgin, OR, and the Grande Ronde River to the east and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation to the west. It includes land in 5 counties and 2 states with a broad diversity of natural resources and an equally broad diversity of users. More...