The Wild Horses of the Devil's Garden


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Horse Tails

Devil's Garden Wild Horses symbol.

Recently, several hundred Devil's Garden wild horses were rounded up for adoption.

In this series of short videos, different aspects of the process are covered including what people can do for the horses and why they care, what it takes to gentle a horse, an overview of an adoption day, and a special bond formed between a Forest Service employee and a wild horse in need of a home.

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Bull elk in a forested setting with steam coming from his back

The Modoc National Forest is a very special place. This page shares a few of the best videos highlighting your national forest. 

Be Bear Aware

Black bears are not an uncommon sight on the Modoc National Forest. There are easy things you can do while enjoying your national public lands to protect yourself and bears from harmful encounters. This brochure should help get you started.

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Range specialists collect data

Round hoof prints show damage to delicate spring site from wild horses while no cattle are present

Modoc National Forest range personnel are beginning to get out into the field as the weather improves to access production cages like the one seen in the picture to the left.

Behind the scenes

Lady standing in a pen with two horses, she is petting one of the horses.

Horse trainers are a talented bunch. They must be aware of the horse’s nature, possess a kind heart and infinite patience. PDF at: https://w...


Modoc Fire Prevention and Recreation


Fire prevention and recreation folks are busy with programs in the schools, Kids in the Woods, Children's Forest, parades and fairs.

Fire salvage

Shows many dead trees resulting from the 2017 Cove Fire

During the 2017 fire season, approximately 93,000 acres burned on Modoc. Forest personnel started looking for ways to address the ecologic impacts and capture some of the timber value...

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