The Modoc National Forest has implemented virtual services to protect the health and safety of employees and members of the public during the COVID-19 outbreak in accordance with guidance from federal and state authorities.  Please call 530-233-5811 and leave a message for prompt reply between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Permits are not required for firewood collection at this time, though all other rules still apply.

The Wild Horses of the Devil's Garden


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Need to Know

Horse Tails

Devil's Garden Wild Horses symbol.

Recently, several hundred Devil's Garden wild horses were rounded up for adoption.

In this series of short videos, different aspects of the process are covered including what people can do for the horses and why they care, what it takes to gentle a horse, an overview of an adoption day, and a special bond formed between a Forest Service employee and a wild horse in need of a home.


Be Bear Aware

a black bear holds a trout in its mouth

Black bears are common throughout California including the Modoc. Drought years can increase human-wildlife conflicts, but there are many ways you can prepare for and prevent harmful encounters.

Cedar Creek Interpretive Trail

Welcome to Cedar Creek Trail

Get to know the Warner Mountains by exploring its vegetation zones - The white fir zone and the sage steppe and juniper woodland zone.

We invite you to explore the entire trail in every season!

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Infrastructure projects on the Modoc

An excavator uses a masticator attachment to trim roadside trees

Many exciting projects are in the works for the Modoc in 2021, made possible with Shared Stewardship. PDF Version

The Value of Standing Oak Trees

Map showing the extent of the natural range of black oak in northern california

On the fringes of their natural range, the oaks of Modoc Country are most valuable when left in the forest. PDF Version


Modoc Supported by Pack Crew

Sophie near Mill Creek with amazing background

This marks the second straight year Forest Service packers were hosted in Modoc Country, hopefully they return.  PDF Version

What Can a Devil’s Garden Horse do?

A man kneels eye to eye with a DG horse.

Far removed from two or three generations ago, Devil’s Garden Horses now help all ages stay connected to history, nature, relationships, responsibilities and joy.

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