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7th Annual Wildland Firefighter Remembrance Run


7th Annual Wildland Firefighter Remembrance Run--May 6th @ Lava Beds! /Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd535841.pdf

3rd Annual Art of Survival Century

Annual Art Survival Century Bike Ride The Art of Survival Century May 27, 2017 | Tulelake, CA | Klamath Falls, OR

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Snow survey results in

Snowy scene with creek covered by snow

Sweagert Flat had a snow depth of 57.4 inches compared to the long-term average of 33.88 inches. Water content was 19 inches compared to the long-term average of 10.9 inches.

Wild horse adopted, brought home

Shows small black Devil's Garden gelding after adoption at his new home ion Davis Creek

Devil’s Garden mustang adoptions began last week. One was a blue roan yearling gelding adopted by Tessa Glaze of Davis Creek, CA. She named him Tuffy.


Modoc firefighters assist South

Shows a Modoc National Forest engine while on loan to Sands Fire 2016

Modoc Fire Management Officer Lance Noxon said, “This is an unprecedented event for the Southeast Region and we are fortunate to be in a position to provide assistance.”

Wildlife guzzlers replaced

Volunteers install new guzzler on Devil

California Deer Association volunteers recently installed three wildlife guzzlers on the Modoc National Forest Devil’s Garden and Doublehead ranger districts.

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