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Olympic National Forest offers diverse recreation opportunities for everyone. Experience the sounds of rushing rivers, lush rain forests, alpine wildflowers, and views of the Puget Sound from mountain peaks. Five Wilderness areas offer solitude and a chance to experience the rich biodiversity the Olympic Peninsula is known for.  

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We've organized our information into six large areas to help you find a place on the forest for your visit. These areas follow major watershed boundaries across the forest and all areas are accessed by Highway 101 which loops around the entire peninsula.

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Recreation Conditions Report

 Area Name Status Area Conditions
All Forest Roads    Forest Roads Update
Bear Gulch Picnic Site    4/4/2018: Due to storm damage, the restroom is closed. Bear Gulch Picnic Area will be restored in April/May, but day-use site will have limited amenities this year.The road to Staircase will be reopened as part of this work. Work expected to be completed by Memorial Day.
Big Creek Campground Closed to Visitor Opening May 18, 2018 by noon.
Big Creek Campground Trail #827    9/8/2017: No recent report.

10/30/2017: Campground is closed for the season. There is a thinning project happening in Big Creek area through 2018.

Big Creek Upper Loop #827.1    8/29/2017: Visitor report that benches along this trail are enjoyable.
Big Spruce Trailhead    Open and maintained year round.
Bogachiel - Ira Spring Wetland Trail    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Bogachiel Rain Forest River Trailhead    9/8/2017: No recent report. Accessible via the new Undi Road bypass. FS road 2932 has not been maintained since the Undi road was closed, but is accessible.
Bogachiel Rain Forest Trail #825    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Brown Creek Campground Open to Visitor Opening May 18, 2018 by noon. *Sites 1-6 are available near the river, year-round! One accessible vault toilet is also available year-round near the trailhead.
Brown Creek Nature Loop Trail #877    9/8/2017:Trail is open year round, in good condition.
Camp Creek Olympic Discovery Trailhead   
Campbell Tree Grove Campground Closed to Visitor 2/7/2018: Currently closed, with an anticipated opening of mid May.
Church Creek Shelter Trail #870    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Church Creek Trail #871    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Coho Campground Closed to Visitor Opening May 18, 2018 by noon.
Collins Campground Closed to Visitor Opening May 18, 2018 by noon.
Colonel Bob Trail #851    9/8/2017: No recent report. Not suitable for stock.
Copper Creek Trail #876    9/8/2017: No recent report. Steep inclines, a walking stick may be helpful.
Deadfall Trail #849   
Deer Ridge Trail #846    6/6/2017: Three down trees, but easy step overs. Two leaners - not passable to stock. One down tree in Park, easy step over.
Dry Creek Trail #872    7/1/2017: Visitor reports that Dry Creek trail from the west TH, to the high point saddle was in OK condition to that point, and has had some obvious brush work done on the first ~1.0 mile, buts gets a bit brushy after that. The water bars on the spur road up to the trailhead from the road junction, with the Lebar Loop, are unsuitable for travel in vehicles without high clearance and 4WD.
Duckabush Trail #803    2/9/2018: Road to get there has severe potholes in many areas. There are at least a dozen trees across the trail; most are fairly easy to go over or under. The streams across the trail are running full - a walking stick would be a good idea to help on the slippery rocks.
Dungeness Forks Campground Closed to Visitor 4/4/2018: Hoping to open by Memorial Day, workers still need to clean up extensive storm damage from winter.
Elbo Creek Trail    12/10/2017: Visitor report that The Elbo Creek trail is in great condition. All blow down has been trimmed, and the trail is currently easy to follow. The road walk up to Buck Mountain was mostly clear of snow today. I walked back down Forest Road 2620-060, then 2620 all the way back to the trailhead. The road washout repair is excellent. There is a deep (6+ feet) sinkhole further up the road that will need repair, an unaware hiker or driver could get themselves trapped in it (it is flagged with a tree branch and surveyors tape).
Elk Lake Trail #805    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Elkhorn Dispersed Camping Area    No road access & no facilities at site. Pack it OUT.
Fairholme Olympic Discovery Trailhead   
Falls Creek Campground/Day Use Area Closed to Visitor 4/9/2018: Falls Creek CG will open for the 2018 season May 1.
Falls View Campground Closed to Visitor Hazard Tree Removal operations are taking place June 2018 through Dec 2018. Falls View Campground and Trail will be closed to all public access during this time.
Falls View Canyon Trail #868    Great short trail, in good condition. ALERT: Hazard Tree Removal operations are taking place June 2018 through Dec 2018. Falls View Campground and Trail will be closed to all public access during this time.
Fletcher Canyon Trail #857    7/4/2017: Visitor reports that trail is in great condition, with the exception of some significant, large blowdowns about 1/3 of the way up the trail. Further up the trail, the spring brush growth is quite thick. The waterfalls just south of the log crossing were flowing quite heavily.
Gatton Creek Campground/Day Use Area Closed to Visitor 4/9/2018: Falls Creek CG will open for the 2018 season May 1.
Gatton Creek Trail #888    Maintained year-round. This trail allows continuous trail access from the Lake Quinault Lodge to the Rain Forest Village.
Gold Creek Trail #830    9/4/2017: Visitor reports in section of trail south of the intersection with Sleepy Hollow 832, there are no trees or brush.
Gorge Bridge Trailhead   
Gray Wolf Trail #834 - Lower    1/15/2018: Visitor report there are many trees and branches down across the road and the trail, especially on the Cat Creek Loop. There is one large tree that must be climbed over in order to walk that loop. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of mud, but nothing very deep or hard to get across.
Gray Wolf Trail #834.2 - Upper    4/13/2017: No recent report Note: Use Slab Camp Trail #838 to access trail beyond the bridge. no known issues
Hamma Hamma Campground Closed to Visitor Opening May 18, 2018 bu noon.
Home Lake Trail #893    9/8/2017: No recent report
Interrorem Nature Trail #804   
Jefferson Lake Trail    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Jefferson Pass Trail #800    7/24/2017: Visitor report that trail is in good shape and the fallen trees are cut out. There is a 1/2 mile walk from the rock slide blocking Road 2419 to the trailhead
Jefferson Ridge Trail #808    4/4/2018: There is a boulder on the access road to the trailhead. Wider vehicles may not be able to get past. 
Klahanie Campground Closed to Visitor Closed, will open for the 2018 season in late spring.
Klahowya Campground Closed to Visitor 9/12/2017: Closed for the season for improvements.
Kloshe Nanitch Observation Site    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Kloshe Nanitch Trail #882.1    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Kloshe Nanitch Trailhead   
Lake Quinault Lodge Open to Visitor Lake Quinault Lodge is available year round. Call 1(800) 562 6672 or visit:
Lebar Horse Camp Closed to Visitor Opening May 18, 2018 by noon.
Lena Creek Campground Closed to Visitor Opening May 18, 2018 by noon.
Lena Lake Campground Closed to Visitor 9/8/2017: Hike-in campground via #810. Lena Lake Trail #810 is cleared to the inlet of the lake. The bridge is still out.
Lena Lake Trail #810    9/8/2017: Trail requires a ford at the Lake. Bridge is out beyond the campsites.
Lena Lake/Brothers Trailhead    9/8/2017: Lena Lake TH is accessible.
Little Quilcene Trail #835    7/23/2017: Visitor reports that trail is in excellent condition, only one small blowdown ~0.5 miles up the trail (before Little River Summit). Snow is melted out. The Lupine are still blooming for a little while longer, with an absolutely stunning fragrance in the last half mile before the summit of Mt Townsend! The trailhead is in good condition, though the road up (after Bon-Jon Pass) is getting to be deeply rutted around 3900' elevation.
Littleton Horse Camp Open to Visitor Please Leave No Trace and pack it out.
Living Legacy Interpretive Trail    9/8/2017: No recent report. The short accessible section of this trail near the river was renovated in 2015.
Lower Big Quilcene Trail #833    11/29/2017: A washout is threatening a portion of the Lower Big Quilcene Trail #833.1 at 1.8 miles from the trailhead. Please use caution when passing through the unstable section of the trail.
Lower Dungeness Trail #833.3    4/12/2017: Trail is passable but recommended extreme caution, especially for equestrian and mountain bike users. Slides are near river shelter, +/- 1 mile from upper Dungeness trailhead. Forest Road 2870-230 spur road that provides access to the trailhead has no trailer turn-around and no trailhead parking due to slide damage.
Lower Pete's Creek Trail #858.1    7/2/2017: Visitor reports that the lower trail is in excellent condition.
Mildred Lakes Trail #822    9/8/2017: No current report.
Mt. Ellinor Trail #812    9/8/2017: The summer route is now recommended for upper Mt Ellinor. Please Know Before You Go.
Mt. Jupiter Trail #809    9/4/2017: Expect to walk 2+ miles to trailhead as private road is gated. Visitor reports the road walk from the closed gate was well graded. There is room for 3-4 cars at most to the side of the road at the gate. The trail was in excellent condition, only 6-8 blow-downs over the entire route (all were easy to cross).The first portion of the trail in the forest was a bit brushy, but after that, it was mostly clear. Most of the fall colors are past their prime and leaves are beginning to drop now. Reminder to bring sufficient water.
Mt. Muller Trail #882    3/3/2018: Visitor reports that Snow begins almost immediately (1-4" deep) from the trailhead. Traction may be useful for the first 1000 feet gain (depending on temperature), then snowshoes are recommended. Snow was 8-16" deep along the ridge and summit. Route finding was required east of the Mt Muller summit as the trail was covered in deep snow and not readily discernible, especially near "Balance Rock" and other sections that bypassed the ridge. Several blowdowns present on eastern and southern portion of the loop. Large blowdown (impassable to stock) near "Bog Creek". Several smaller blowdown between the Olympic Discovery Trail and Fout's Rock House. The trail was in otherwise great condition.
Mt. Rose Trail #814    9/8/2017: Visitor reports trail is in good shape.
Mt. Townsend Trail #839    8/24/2017: Visitor report: Trail in excellent shape.
Mt. Walker Trail #894    2/2/2018: Trail clear. Be ready for wet conditions in winter. If you are walking the road be aware that there is a rock slide blocking the road about 1/3 of the way from the bottom.
Mt. Walker Viewpoint Open to Visitor Mt. Walker road is open for the season.
Mt. Zion Trail #836    6/26/2017: Visitor reports that this trail is well kept and marked to the top of Mt Zion.
Murhut Falls Trail #828    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Ned Hill Trail #837    11/11/2017: Visitor report Trail was clear of snow and had no obstacles, other than being a bit overgrown with 1 foot-high salal in places. Benches available.
Notch Pass Trail #831    2/17/2017: From Notch Pass TH (1st access) to the pass the trail is in very good shape. Just over the pass is where the ice begins, on the west side. It is patchy ice all the way down the remainder of the trail to the junction with the Lower Big Quilcene.
Pete's Creek Trail #858    7/2/2017: Visitor reports that trail is in great condition. Trail is often rocky, rooted, and at times steep. Hard packed snow on Colonel Bob Trail began at Moonshine Flats and was almost continuous to the summit. Boots and trekking poles recommended.
Pete's Creek Trailhead    Parking area can get busy on weekends in the summer.
Pioneer's Path Nature Trail #884    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Putvin Trail #813    8/12/2017: Visitor report: The Putvin Trail is in excellent condition, only 1 blowdown on the entire trail. The climb up the headwall is steep and requires great care as usual. Goats at the lake. Busiest I have ever seen the trailhead, cars parked down the road in both directions. Met 8 other people going to climb Mt Stone as well (3 others summitted with us). The popularity of this trail has grown exponentially in recent years, it’s getting busy on weekends Alert: Challenging trail. Use caution.
Quinault Loop Trail #854    Open year-round.
Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail #855    Open year-round and maintained. 
Ranger Hole Trail #824    9/8/2017: No recent report.
Royal Creek Trail #832    This short 0.5 mile trail along Royal Creek starts 1 mile up the Upper Dungeness Trail.
Satsop Center Campground Closed to Visitor Opening May 1, 2018 by noon.
Seal Rock Campground Closed to Visitor Opening April 26, 2018 by noon.
Seal Rock Interpretive Trail Sites    Seasonal access. When the campground is closed in winter, the parking area is gated off about a 1000 feet from trailhead parking.
Silver Lakes Trail #842    1/10/2018: No recent report.
Skokomish Lower South Fork Trail #873   
Skokomish Upper South Fork Trail #873    7/6/2017: Alert: The road going from Brown Creek to the gate currently has extremely bad potholes.
Slab Camp Trail #838    12/12/2017: Visitor report that Forest Road 2875 has a lot of tree damage with branches sticking into and onto the road. Also several areas of deep potholes. Slap Camp Trail was wet most of the way with several muddy places, but these were easy to step over. There are 2 trees across the trail; the first, (smaller), one is high enough to easily walk under. The second one is easy to step over. Kudos to the crew that constructed the new segment of trail, around that area that has always been super muddy. What a welcome change! There was a light dusting of snow at the trailhead and on the first portion of the trail. There were also a few patches of ice on the bridge over the river.
    Users are unable to access the lower portion of Gray Wolf Trail #834 due to a slide about 1 mile north of the Slab Camp junction with the Gray Wolf Trail.
    Sleepy Hollow Extension Trailhead    3/23/2017: Visitor reports a short section of FS 28 that was icy approx. 200 yards before Sleepy Hollow/Mt Zion trailhead parking lot.
    Sleepy Hollow Trail #852    3/23/2017: Visitor report that trail is in decent shape though currently wet and muddy. The new Extension Trail #852.1 is in good shape though very wet at Sleepy Hollow Trail #852 junction. ALERT: Gold Creek on the Sleepy Hollow Trail is wide and deep enough that it's difficult to cross without wading & getting your feet soaked.
    Snow Creek Trail #890    9/8/2017: No recent report. Trailhead may be difficult to find, look for flagging.
    Spider Lake Loop Trail #879    9/8/2017: Nice place for a day hike in big trees.
    Spoon Creek Falls Trail #885   
    The Brothers Trail #821    9/8/2017: No current report.
    Tubal Cain Trail #840    9/8/2017: No recent report
    Tull Canyon Trail #847   
    Tunnel Creek Trail #841    9/1/2017: Visitor reports that trail is well maintained.
    Upper Big Quilcene Trail #833    9/6/2017: Visitor reports that The trail conditions are good. Large rocks are removed in some spots on the really rocky sections.
    Upper Dungeness Trail #833.2    7/7/2017: Royal Creek log bridge has been repaired thanks to Washington Trails Association volunteers.
    West Fork Humptulips Trail #806    8/1/2017: Visitor report: Members of the Grays Harbor Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of WA spent the spring & summer logging out the trail of large blowdowns, doing maintenance on puncheons and some brushing. Long pants suggested when hiking! The trail is all logged out, most of the small messes are cleaned up and the river crossings are marked from the Gorge Bridge Trailhead to Campbell Tree Grove Campground. It is very brushy on the upper end. The river is fordable but the rocks are slippery. Coyote, elk, deer and fresh bear signs have been observed by members. Note: Day parking for stock trailers is limited at both Pete's Creek and Switchback Trailheads. There is good parking at Middle West Fork Humptulips TH but the trail is hardly maintained from there.
    Willaby Campground/Day Use Area Open to Visitor Willaby CG is open for the 2018 season 9/15/2018. Reservation first campground at
    Willaby Creek Trail   
    Working Forest Interpretive Trail   
    Wrights Canyon Trail/Trailhead    Open and maintained year-round.
    Wynoochee Lake Shore Trail #878 Open to Visitor 7/11/2017: Visitor reports that most of the trail is decent, but on the east side from the Forest Road 2270 bridge at the north end (cutoff to Maidenhair Falls) south to the boat launch (Forest Road 140), there are many big trees blocking the trail, with a lot of overgrown brush and one significant gravel slide close to the trail edge.
    Wynoochee Pass Trail #874    9/8/2017: No recent report. This short trail enters Olympic National Park.
    Wynoochee Pass Trailhead    High clearance vehicles are needed. 7/10/2016: Low clearance vehicles may have problems due to ruts and water bar. Spur road -400 has several large logs partially blocking the road (wide vehicles may have problems).

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