Resource Management

  • Battle for the Bats

    A bat

    The more than 1,200 species of bats are one-fifth of all mammal species and are incredibly diverse, ranging from the world’s smallest mammal, the tiny bumblebee bat weighing less than a penny, to giant flying foxes with six-foot wingspans.

  • Invasive Species

    A spotted lanternfly

    Non-native invasive species are seriously affecting forest resources in the Northeastern United States and will alter the landscape and disrupt critical ecosystem functions.

  • Nature and Science

    A blowdown area

    The Allegheny National Forest staff and the Northern Research Station scientists located in Irvine, PA have an on-going partnership in researching and exploring impacts to the Allegheny. Two specific areas of the Allegheny, one experimental forest and one research natural area.


Timber Sale and Stewardship Contracting Information, Forms and Contacts

The Forest's top priority is to maintain and improve the health, diversity, and productivity of forest ecosystems for the enjoyment of current and future generations. Forest management includes guidance, administration, and support of the agency's forest products management and sales programs.


  • Forest Service Contact

    Michael S. Williams
    Timber Contracting Officer
    Forest Service
    Allegheny National Forest

    p: 814-728-6189
    c: 814-331-3853

    4 Farm Colony Drive
    Warren, PA 16365

  • Timber Sale Bills

    USDA Forest Service
    C/O Citibank
    PO Box 6200-09
    Portland, OR 97228-6200

    Lockbox Operations

    ​​US Bank Government Lockbox
    Attn: USDA Forest Service 6200-09
    17650 NE Sandy Blvd
    Portland, OR 97230

Enclose a copy of the bill with your check or money order. Do not send cash. Please include Bill Number and Payer Code Number on your check. Make your check payable to USDA Forest Service.

Timber Sale Contract Forms

RSS Feed

Timber sales now have a Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed. When you subscribe to the feed it will email you every time a new timber sale or stewardship sale is added, with a link to the sale. Most email services are RSS Feed Readers, you will need to find the specific instructions for your email service (ex.: Gmail, yahoo, outlook) on how to add the feed to your email.

  1. Right click on the RSS icon or button.
  2. Select Copy Link Location to copy the URL of the feed.
  3. Go to your RSS Feed Reader.
  4. Paste the URL into your Feed reader.


Plant-A-Tree Program

Demonstrating how to plant a chestnut seedling

The Plant-A-Tree Program provides a way for individuals and groups to have trees planted on a national forest to memorialize loved ones or commemorate births, or other special events.

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Allegheny Forest Health Collaborative

Forest Health Collaborative: Map

Given the continued expansion of significant, damaging invasive forest insects, diseases, plants and animals on the Allegheny National Forest, and the intermingled nature of forest land ownerships across that landscape, a collaborative approach to addressing forest health issues on the High Allegheny Unglaciated Plateau was initiated in 2018 and has been on-going since then.

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Timber Sales

Currently Advertised Remarks

Timber Sale: SRSP Partway Stewardship

Bid results now available.

Timber Sale Schedule

Updated 4/09/2024

Timber Sale: PWRT Meade Stewardship Contract

The Forest Service will receive sealed offers at the Allegheny National Forest Headquarters at 2:00 P.M. local time on Aug 7th, 2024.

Timber Sale: Fracture

The Forest Service will receive Sealed bids at Marienville District Office before or at the time of public bid opening at 2:00 PM local time on 07/11/2024.

Timber Sale: FCSP 101 Stewardship Contract

Draft bid results are available

Timber Sale: Blue Garden Removals

Bid results now available.

Timber Sale: FCSP Guiton Stewardship Contract

Draft bid results are available

Timber Sale: Constellation

On 07/30/2024, at 02:00 PM, sealed bids will be opened in the Allegheny National Forest, Bradford District Office, 29 Forest Service Drive, Bradford, PA 16701 for the Constellation sale.

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