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USDA Equal Opportunity Public Notification Policy 

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Final Campground Concessionaire Prospectus and related Granger-Thye Concessions' special-use permit. 

Timber Sales/Personal Use Firewood Cutting 

Salt Lake County Resource Management Plan For Public Lands
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Campground/Picnic Area, Trail and Road Conditions

Please keep a clean campsite Be Bear Aware

Dispersed camping 14 day stay limit

  • Salt Lake Ranger District - (801) 733-2660
    Salt Lake Ranger District: The gate on the lower portion of the South Willow Canyon road, located in the Stansbury Mountains, Tooele County is now open. The upper portion of the road and all campgrounds remain closed.
    Campground/Picnic Areas/Road/Trails Update
    Cottonwood Canyons Foundation
  • Pleasant Grove Ranger District - (801) 785-3563
    Campground/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Update
    The Wet Trail Closure in American Fork Canyon is in effect starting tomorrow, April 19th for the following trails: Pine Hollow trail #047, Mill Canyon trail 0#40, Tibble Fork trail #041, Salamander Flat trail #150, Ridge Trail trail #157, Mud Springs tail #173, Willow Hollow trail #159, South Fork Little Deer Creek trail #252. This means these trails are open only to hiking until the signs are removed. Signs will be posted starting tomorrow, April 19th. Keep in mind that even hiking/running can cause long term damage if the trails are too saturated. Other trails that are not part of the closure may also be too wet to ride. If wet trail conditions are encountered please turn around to avoid long term trail damage. Alternatives would be the front country trails until the trails at higher elevations have the chance to dry out. We will continue to send updates and will get the trails open as soon as possible.
    Heber-Kamas Ranger District -(435) 654-0470 or
    The gate on the Mirror Lake Highway on the Kamas, Utah side is now open, for snowmobilers to be able to get their trailers and snowmobiles to the areas where they can ride their snowmobiles. The Mirror Lake highway is not open to through traffic.
    Campground/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Update 

  • Evanston-Mountain View Ranger District -
    Evanston Recreation Update (307) 789-3194
    The gate on the Mirror Lake Highway 30 miles south of Evanston, WY is now open, for snowmobilers to be able to get their trailers and snowmobiles to the areas where they can ride their snowmobiles. The Mirror Lake highway is not open to through traffic. You can get to the Whitney Road on Highway 150 so about 4.5 miles into the Forest. The gate on the North Slope is still closed.
    Mt. View Recreation Update (307) 782-6555  

  • Ogden Ranger District - (801) 625-5112
    Campground/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Update

  • Logan Ranger District - (435) 755-3620
    The Logan Ranger District has opened up the following roads:
    Forest Service road #048, High Creek (First gate only, access to campground) Forest Service road #049, Smithfield Canyon
    Forest Service road #050, Green Canyon (First gate only)
    Forest Service road #024, Card Canyon Forest Service road #245, Lefthand Fork (First gate, access to Blacksmith Fork Guard Station) The Tony Grove road is not passable for wheeled vehicles. The paved road is clear of snow to the first overlook only. Snowmobiler’s are using this overlook to get their trailers turned around and get close to the retreating snow.
    Campground/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Update

  • Spanish Fork Ranger District- (801) 798-3571
    Campgrounds/Picnic Areas/Roads/Trails Updates

Fire/Prescribed Fire Information

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Prescribed Fire Info
Forest fire personnel will continue to burn slash piles in different areas on the forest to reduce hazardous fuels December 2017through April 2018.
There are no current wildfires on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Forest Issues



Surveying Pika Populations Above Brighton

The American pika is a low-profile mammal that lives at high altitudes. Related to rabbits and hares, these small, big-eyed creatures spend much of the summer preparing for a harsh winter high above the timberline. Starting in mid-September, a DWR biologist will visit an established pika area above Brighton ski resort to check on population growth.


Cottonwood Canyon Foundation Free Snowshoe Tours on Salt Lake Ranger District

This photo shows children learning about the Salt Lake City Watershed while on a snowshoe tour

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation invites you: 2016/2017 FREE Snowshoe With a Naturalist Tour. Learn about the natural and cultural history of the canyons on the Salt Lake Ranger Dist.

Wasatch Legacy Project

Wasatch Legacy Project

Learn more about the Wasatch Water Legacy Partnership (WWLP).


Beetle Activity on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Beetle activity east side of Bridger Lake

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NF is experiencing significant beetle activity, reaching epidemic levels in some areas particularly on the North Slope of the Uinta Mountains.

Spanish Fork Joint Landscape Restoration Partnership Vernon Project

This photo shows the reduction of vegetation and improvement of rangelands

The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Spanish Fork Ranger District recently received the Joint Chief’s Grant for restoration projects in the Vernon Management Unit.