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The Shasta-Trinity National Forest has a variety of game species for hunters to test their skills against. Since the seasons and hunting requirements vary according to species, hunters are urged to check out California Department of Fish & Wildlife Regulations. A valid State of California hunting license is required.

Big Game Hunting

There is a variety of game species such as Deer, Black Bear, Elk, Antelope and Wild Pig. To get information on hunting license requirements, you will need to contact the California Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Hunting Courtesy

  • Respect the rights of private property owners.
  • Adhere to hunter safety regulations.
  • Do not shoot or deface public signs; they are expensive to maintain and replace.
  • Do not drive beyond gated Forest Service roads. These roads are closed to protect easily damaged road surfaces.
  • If you become lost, don’t wander off; stay put until help arrives.
  • Be careful with campfires and smoking. Smoke only in cleared areas; extinguish all fires.