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A view looking down into the McCloud arm drainage of Shasta Lake

There are many opportunities on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest for OHV Riding. This diverse forest offers a variety of opportunities for many different skill levels and types of riding. Two of the more popular areas include routes located on the Shasta Lake Ranger District and on the Hayfork Ranger District.

Remember, off-highway vehicle recreation is one of many uses allowed on public land. Other popular uses include hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain bike riding, horseback riding, target shooting, and sight-seeing. Please be considerate of all others you encounter throughout the forest. Always slow down and yield the right-of-way to non-motorized recreationists.

  • Please remember that all riders must obey all California State OHV Regulations. Please visit their website.
  • It is your responsibility to obtain all required and appropriate maps and to stay on routes approved for OHV use.
  • Remember, only street legal vehicles are allowed below the high water mark on Shasta Lake.

The Forest Service in cooperation with the State of California Off-Highway Vehicle Fund, (Green Sticker), has developed roads, trails, and facilities for further enjoyment of the OHV user. Remember, these are your facilities and OHV funds are being used to develop and maintain them. Please visit the state OHV website.

Link to brochure on OHV recreation opportunities

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