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Native American History

The Wintu Indians of the area believed that grizzly bear spirits lived in the cave and they referred to it as "Sa-Wal" or "Grizzly Bear Cave," a holy place where one could get magic strength by bathing in the pools located deep inside.  Wintu men would go to this cave to pray to the Spirits of the Great Bear for strength or bravery before a hunt or a fight. 

Lake Shasta Caverns

Lake Shasta Caverns are also located on the McCloud Arm of Shasta Lake in an area know as the Grey Rocks.  A visit to Lake Shasta Caverns is far more than just an exciting exporation of nature's underground magic.  It begins with a colorful 15-minute catamaran cruise across Lake Shasta's sky-blue waters.  Once ashore you will board a comfortable 30-passenger bus that will carry you up the mountainside, more than 800 feet above the lake.  During your guided adventure you will discover the history and geology of this natural wonder.  This is a privately owned facility.  Tours are given daily.