Scenic Driving

Scenic drives provide miles of spectacular scenery for forest visitors.

McKenzie Pass - Santiam Pass National Scenic Byway

Lava fields, snowcapped peaks and rushing rivers mark this 82-mile loop around two of central Oregon's Cascade Mountain passes. Anglers, hikers and skiers will delight in the ample recreational opportunities this Byway provides, and everyone will appreciate the striking alpine scenery. Learn more from Oregon Department of Transportation at

West Cascade Scenic Byway

The 220 mile West Cascades Scenic Byway runs north to south, skirting the northern half of Oregon's Cascade Mountain Range. Pure, cascading rivers. Towering old growth Douglas firs. Peaceful lakes. Snowcapped volcanic peaks. This is the Oregon many visitors imagine. And this is the Oregon you'll find on the West Cascades Scenic Byway. Learn more from Oregon Department of Transportation at

Aufderheide Byway (Part of the West Cascades Scenic Byway)

Augderheide Drive (Forest Service Road 19) is a 60-mile (96.5K) scenic byway, connecting Highways 126 (McKenzie River) and 58 (Oakridge), winds through the lush undergrowth of the majestic Willamette National Forest and meanders along the cold, clear waters of the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers. Popular with cyclists and hikers, the road connects Oakridge / Westfir with the McKenzie River communities. This route is not maintained during the winter, generally from November until April. Also known as Road 19 (a segment of the West Cascades National Scenic Byway).

An audio cassette or CD is available for travelers of the Robert Aufderheide Memorial Drive segment of the West Cascades National Scenic Byway. It can be picked up and returned, free of charge, at the Middle Fork Ranger District and the McKenzie River Ranger District offices.

Learn more from Travel Oregon at

Over the Rivers & Through the Woods Scenic Byway

This 66-mile route begins in the rich farmland of the Willamette Valley, then winds along rushing streams and through thick forests as it climbs into the Cascades to join the West Cascades and McKenzie Pass-Santiam Scenic Byways. Learn more from Oregon Department of Transportation at

Quartzville Back Country Byway

The Quartzville Back Country Byway encompasses an enjoyable drive past Foster Lake and then north up the Quartzville Recreational Corridor, skirting Green Peter Reservoir.  This scenic drive begins one mile east of Sweet Home and connects US Hwy 20 to State Highway 22 approximately 19 miles east of Detroit, Oregon. Learn more at

To learn more about these byways, as well as and other byways in Oregon and across the country, go to the America's Byways from the Federal Highway Administration.

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