Alerts & Notices

Have Fun! Be Safe...

Triple Falls in Columbia River GorgeOver two million hikers turn to the trails in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area for exercise and adventure. Each year several individuals or parties get lost or hurt in the woods.

Most commonly, hikers get lost going off-trail and then lose the trail or fall from steep edges or cliffs that are all over the area. Before venturing into the Gorge we recommend the following Outdoor Safety Tips.

Check our recreation site current conditions


  • Hiking trail closures from Eagle Creek to Multnomah Falls due to hazards
  • Aircraft/UAS/drone use prohibited at some high use sites
  • Larch Mountain Road closed due to post-fire hazards
  • Take Precautions Against Theft in the Gorge
  • Parking prohibited along WA-14 at Dog Mountain


  • Catherine Creek Arch Closure
  • Miller Island Closure

Public Notices

Forest Orders

Copies of Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Forest Orders (regulations) are posted here.