Please check the Alerts, Notifications, and Closures that are in effect on the Payette National Forest.  If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate Ranger District. 

Alerts and Notifications 

Payette National Forest (208) 634-0700

  • no alerts at this time

McCall Ranger District (208) 634-0400

  • no alerts at this time

Krassel Ranger District  (208) 634-0600

  • no alerts at this time

New Meadows Ranger District (208) 347-0300

  • no alerts at this time

Council Ranger District (208) 253-0100

  • Heavy log truck traffic from the Middle Fork Weiser River Road (#50186) turnoff on Highway 95 to the Fall Creek Road (#50214), until March 2024. Use caution when driving in this area.

Weiser Ranger District (208) 549-4200

  • no alerts at this time

Current Regional Orders - learn more about the Weed Free Hay Order, Explosives and Exploding Targets and Fireworks and Spark Arrestors.

Forestwide Orders

  • Bridge Load Limit / Forest Order: 04-12-375

    • Start Date: 3-27-2007 Expires: Until Further Notice
  • Abandon Mines / Forest Order: 0412-328

    • Start Date: 9-28-2003 Expires: Until Further Notice
  • Reckless Driving / Forest Order: 0412-167

    • Start Date: 9-1-1992 Expires: Until Further Notice

Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations 261.50 (a) gives each Forest Supervisor the authority to issue orders which close or restrict use of the of described areas within the area over which he/she has jurisdiction. An order may close an area to entry or may restrict the use of an area by applying any or all of the prohibitions authorized in Title 36, Part 261, Subpart B, of the Code of Federal Regulations.


Roadwork - Planned Construction & Repair Projects

This page will be updated as new information is released. Please check this page frequently as weather, work schedules and other circumstances may change quickly. Call the relevant District Office for more detailed information.  Thank you and have a safe visit to the Payette National Forest!