Magnolia Non-Motorized Trails Project

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Project Updates & Documents

April 19, 2019

Work has been underway on an interactive webpage to allow for updates and feedback on the work as it progresses throughout the course of this project. Stay tuned for details once the site is live. In the meantime, take a look at the Magnolia Non-Motorized Trails Project Implementation Framework.

Sept. 15, 2017

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance and Mile High Youth Corps through a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Trails Grant will be helping us complete the following trail maintenance on the existing system as well as some work approved by the Magnolia Trails Project. See map of core work to be completed. If time and resources allow, we will be looking at the “Additional Scope” items. All core work falls within Zone 1 of the draft implementation maps.

Core Scope (minimum required to meet grant contract)

  • Reroute N end of SugarMag (Tr  926.1) onto USFS land
  • Rebuild connection from South End of SugarMag to Lookout Tr (New 7)
  • Road-to-Trail conversion of Aspen Alley (342.1a)
  • Reroute of Aspen Alley (926.1a) to location shown as "New 33"
  • Reroute of Aspen Alley (925.1a) to location shown as "Social 30"
  • Reroute Whoop-Di-Do (925.1f) to location shown as "New 9"
  • Reroute of Pungy Stick (925.1a) to location shown as "Social 38"

***Work is consistent the Decision Map; Reroutes would include reclaiming old trail***

Additional Scope (if time and resources allow)

  • Close + Reclaim  926.1
  • Close + Reclaim 926.1a
  • Reroute section of 342.1a near the TH onto the cross slope Possible start on "New 4"
  • Perform some maintenance on SchoolBus Tr (929.1)

July 21, 2017

We have been working with TEENS, Inc and Nederland Area Trails Organization (NATO) to complete deferred maintenance items on existing system trails within Zone 1.  Current work that we are completing by July 29th follows:

  • Observatory Trail (355.1A) -  construct turnpike/causeway for entrenched area that holds water in the spring
  • Lookout Trail (926.1E) – realignment to pre-fuel treatment location to mitigate entrenchment/erosion.

Thank you TEENS, Inc and NATO for the work.

In addition to this work, Boulder Mountainbike Alliance has work planned in Zone 1 later in September. See Map

 May 16, 2017

Of the nearly 140 that had RSVP’d, to the first Magnolia Trails Project implementation meeting, we had 50 individuals attend.

The intent of this meeting was to start the discussions among the various levels of interest in this project and to provide opportunity for share input into how this project is to be implemented, as well as how what the priorities should be. Most importantly, this was an opportunity to start building relationships among all the various stakeholders in this process, and forming the working groups that will provide the input to implement the various components of this project.

We will use the information from the meeting and follow up with the working groups to help fill in the details to create an implementation plan.

April 14, 2017

The District held its first implementation meeting with interested public on April 21, 2017. More than 140 people registered for this meeting. There will be more chances to get involved. To learn how, please email Matt Henry.

About the Project

In December 2016, the Boulder Ranger District released its final decision for the Magnolia Non-Motorized Trails Project. The project will formalize a 44-mile, non-motorized trail system across about 6,000 acres branching out from the Peak to Peak Highway in areas known as East Magnolia and West Magnolia. Currently there are about 60 miles of trail on the ground in that area, including 14 miles of National Forest system trails and about 46 miles of non-system or “user-created” trails.


  • 44-mile, non-motorized trail system with improved connectivity and sustainability
  • New restrooms and expanded parking at Front Range and West Magnolia trailhead
  • Facilities for horse trailers at West Magnolia Trailhead
  • Connectivity to the Toll Conservation Easement Trail
  • Connectivity to the Town of Nederland
  • Connectivity to Boulder County Open Space's Reynold's Ranch
  • Obliterating 29 miles of existing user-created trail, in addition to any new user-created trail discovered during implementation
  • Restricts equestrian and bicycle users to designated trails
  • Winter grooming opportunity for Nordic skiing and fat tire biking
  • Improved signage
  • Adaptive management approach
  • Phased implementation




More project documents can be viewed here.