Christmas Tree Sales

Christmas Trees Sales are completed for 2020. See you November 2021 with updated information.

2020 information is below:

As you plan your trip consider cutting on weekday to avoid weekend crowding. 

Graphic of an adult with small child with back turned walking towards small fir trees to cut.

Christmas Tree Cutting at Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests

Due to the Cameron Peak, Williams Fork and  East Troublesome Fires, and the need to social distance, tree cutting opportunities on the Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests have changed for 2020.

  • The Red Feather Lakes Sale Area on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District was impacted by the Cameron Peak Fire and as a result, Christmas trees are not available on the Canyon Lakes District this year.
  • The Sulphur Ranger District will have reduced tree cutting areas in Grand County this year with the Elk Creek cutting area near Winter Park and Fraser available for walk-in cutting only - gates will be closed, and roads will not be plowed behind those gates. Christmas tree cutting is allowed through much of the Sulphur Ranger District. See Christmas tree cutting map for details. 

Know Before You Go:

  • Consider weekday cutting to avoid weekend crowds
  • Follow state and local guidance for COVID-19. Maintain social distance between you and other parties. Wear a mask when less than six feet from others.
  • Cut only where maps indicate cutting is allowed. 
  • Park in areas so that traffic can safely pass, including not blocking gates.
  • CAUTION: Due to the mountain pine beetle epidemic, before you head into the forest to cut your Christmas tree, look up – look down – look around!  Avoid standing dead trees. Stay out of recently burned areas. Be aware that trees can fall at any time and use extra caution on windy days.
  • For the most current information on road or trail conditions and closures, please check in with either the Sulphur Ranger District at (970) 887-4100 or email or our road status page when planning your trip.

Where is Cutting Allowed? 

A visitor cuts a Christmas tree with a handsawChristmas tree cutting is allowed throughout much of the Sulphur Ranger District. See  Christmas tree cutting map for details. Remember, cutting is only allowed in areas designated on your Christmas tree cutting map. You may not cut trees marked with blue paint. Here are a few suggested places:  

  • Cottonwood Pass, CR 55 (access from Hot Sulphur Springs, 4 miles to parking area at the Big Meadows (FSR 253) intersection)
  • Elk Creek Meadows, CR 72 (gates closed, can walk, snowshoe or ski in)
  • Little Vasquez Road, NFSR 156 (access via Arapahoe Road, parking is limited to 3-4 vehicles)
  • Meadow Creek, CR 84 (just over 3.5 miles to the snowmobile parking area)
  • Vasquez Road, CR 7 (first ¾ mile is open for public access)

Areas Closed to Christmas Tree Cutting

 You may cut your Christmas tree almost anywhere on the Sulphur Ranger District except:

  • The Fraser Experimental Forest, accessed by County Road 73 (Forest Road 160).
  • Indian Peaks, Never Summer, Vasquez Peak and Byers Peak Wilderness areas.
  • Within ¼ mile of any highway, the Winter Park/Mary Jane Ski Areas & above to Berthoud Pass.
  • James Peak Protection Area.
  • Developed recreation areas, such as a campground or picnic area.
  • No cutting allowed in the Williams Fork or East Troublesome Fire closure areas.
  • No cutting is allowed on the Boulder, Canyon Lakes, or Clear Creek Ranger Districts.

Refer to your Christmas tree cutting map to know where you can go.

Cutting Guidelines: 

  • Tree trunk size must be six inches or less in diameter (strictly enforced)
  • Cut tree six inches or less from the ground
  • No topping of trees
  • No cutting trees within 75 feet of any road, trail, and all bodies of water
  • No cutting trees marked with blue paint.
  • Handsaws are best (chainsaws prohibited)
  • No trespassing on private property
  • Permits must be visible on the tree for easy viewing or visible on your dash
  • Pack out your own trash
  • Dogs must be on a leash. It is recommended to leave pets at home since walking thru deep snow is difficult for them.
  • Cut only where maps indicate cutting is allowed.


  • Chainsaws or other power saws;
  • All-terrain vehicles, other off-road vehicles;
  • Cutting trees marked with blue paint. 

Snowmobiles are allowed in much of the Sulphur Ranger District when the snow level is six inches or greater. Most Forest Service roads are closed to wheeled vehicles after November 15th every year, snow depth permitting.


  • Wear appropriate winter clothing: waterproof pants and jacket (ski or snowmobile type clothing), warm fleece or wool layers, snow boots, mittens or gloves, hats, and sunglasses.
  • Have a full tank of gas.
  • Bring extra:
    • food, extra water, warm drinks,
    • a blanket,
    • a shovel, sleds, tarps and twine for loading and tying down your tree
    • first aid kit,
    • and a spare set of keys.
  • Bring a mask and use if you are within six feet of another group.
  • Four-wheel or all-wheel drive recommended.

Safety Note

The forest will likely have two or more feet of snow. Weather can change quickly during the daytime and t emperatures drop quickly after dark, often down to zero degrees or colder. Do not wander too far from your vehicle; always know the direction back to your vehicle. Return to your vehicle by 3:00 pm to allow time to load your tree. Always watch the weather and keep your group together:

You can purchase permits in person at the following locations:

Country Ace Hardware

627 W. Agate

Granby, CO 80446

Monday – Saturday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Fireside Market and Eatery

78337 US Highway 40

Winter Park, CO 80482

Sunday – Saturday: 7:00 am – 9:00 pm


Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply

541 Zerex St.

Fraser, CO 80442

Monday – Saturday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Sunday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Winter Park Chamber of Commerce

78841 US Highway 40

Winter Park, CO 80482

Sunday – Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Online at:

You are required to print the permit and have with you when you cut your tree.

See handout Help center and Contact Center