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Guanella Pass Road: Open

Forest Roads:

Gates listed as "Open" or "Closed" are open during summer and closed during winter. These gates are closed for either wildlife habitat or erosion control. It is not always possible to post road closures or openings on the day that they occur, so please call 303-567-4382 to confirm road status before heading to your destination.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps will help you ensure that you are on a road authorized for public use while on the forest and grassland.  The map is free, district specific and available both electronically or at all of our district offices


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Gate Location

Route Numbers
 See Alert at the top of the page. Status
Barbour Fork
National Forest System Road (NFSR) 194
Devil's Canyon
NFSR 246
Loch Lomond (Lower)
NFSR 701.2
Loch Lomond (Upper)
NFSR 701.2
Kingston Peak Road
NFSR 353