Wilderness areas

photo Byers Peak WildernessThe 1964 Wilderness act defines Wilderness as "an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain ... an area protected and managed so as to preserve its natural conditions."

Wilderness helps protect critical habitats for a variety of species, as well as important natural resources, such as clean water. Wilderness also provides unique opportunities for recreation, challenge and solitude.

Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest includes ten Wilderness areas that encompass many of Colorado's peaks and forested terrain which are popular with hikers, backpackers, and mountain climbers.

Please view the special regulations associated with Wilderness and always use Leave No Trace techniques to help keep these areas wild, clean, and pristine.

Wilderness areas at Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest:

General Information

Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest Wilderness regulations and closures:

View forest Wilderness rules and regulations. Regulations vary by wilderness. General forest rules and regulations also apply, for specific information please view any closure orders that may apply.

Colorado’s Fourteeners

For more information about climbing Colorado’s peaks please visit the Rocky Mountain Region 14ers page.

Topo maps

Forest Service Topography Maps: These maps overlay Forest Service assets, such as roads, trails, and campgrounds, on USGS's topographic maps. They are available for download by quadrangle.

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National Forest Store:  Offers a full, nationwide selection of National Forest, Ranger District, Wilderness, and Specialty Maps for purchase online or by phone, fax, and mail.


Go to Wilderness.net for additional maps and information about Wilderness.