Recreation Residences

Recreation Residence - John Barton

Recreation Residences are privately owned summer cabins, on National Forest land, authorized by special use permits that last 20 years. Permit Holders pay an annual fee for their permit. Some of these recreation residences date back to the early 1900’s and represent a time when Americans were being encouraged to enjoy the healthful benefits of a vacation in the National Forests. Because of their age and architecture, many of these cabins are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. Currently the Custer Gallatin National Forest has 294 permitted recreation residences, which is the greatest number of all Northern Region National Forests. Nationally, there are over 14,000 permitted Recreation Residences on National Forest lands.

This webpage provides information for the Permit Holders, and anyone interested in issues regarding these special use permits.

Information for Permit Holders

FINAL Forest Service Handbook Supplement for the Administration of Recreation Residence Permits on the Gallatin National Forest

Beartooth Ranger District Recreational Residence Supplement

NEW LAW PASSED December 2014. The Cabin Fee Act directs the Forest Service how to calculate annual permit fees. 
Cabin Fee Act FAQ

Recreational Residence Permits

Recreation Residence Forms

Reissuance Decision Memos

Public Comments (in response to the 7-1-2007 Request for Public Comments on the Proposed Reissuance) and FS Responses

Press Release (7-9-2007) announced the start of the analysis for reissuance determination.


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