Custer Gallatin Land Management Plan - (Forest Plan Revision)

A Forest Plan is the comprehensive overarching document that guides forest management, use, and protection providing broad direction, standards and guidelines for the Custer Gallatin National Forest for years to come. 

Decision Summary document of Land Management Plan

Custer Gallatin Land Management Plan

Custer Gallatin Land Management Plan* and Appendices*

16-page Foundational Sharing the Decision - "Magazine"

Land Management Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement - Summary

Forest Supervisor Official Transmittal Letter

Record of Decision

Final Environmental Impact Statement - Volume 1 - Purpose and Need, Alternatives, Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences*

Final Environmental Impact Statement - Volume 2 - Affected Environment Continued and Other Disclosures*

Final Environmental Impact Statement - Volume 3 - Maps*

Final Environmental Impact Statement -Volume 4 - Response to Comments*

Errata* - Published - March 30, 2022.  All documents marked with * asterisks have been updated due to formatting and small typos/errors on March 30, 2022.  

Biological Opinion and Biological Assessment 

Maps of Decision - Land Allocations, Recreation Opportunity Spectrum, Scenery, Vicinity (large and small - give time to load). 

Notice of Approval - Federal Register / Vol. 87, No. 19 / Friday, January 28, 2022

News Release - Final Revised Land Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement Approved for Custer Gallatin National Forest

Legal Notice - Billings Gazette Affidavit

Legal Notice - Bozeman Daily Chronicle Affidavit

Legal Notice - Rapid City Journal Affidavit

Previous Phases of Forest Plan Revision

Assessment Reports (2017)   

Initial Proposed Action Documents (2018)     Science Symposium (Sept 2018)     

Past Public Meetings, Notes, Summaries (Visual, Written, Raw Summaries)     

Public Reading Room       

Draft Plan, Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Podcasts, maps, more (2019)   

Published Connectivity Report - 2019 (incorporated into Forest Plan Revision process) with Center for Large Landscape Conservation     

Land Management Plan (2020)           

Objection, Resolution Information (November 2020, Response Letter April 2021) 

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