Shasta Lake Information May 25, 2023

To all Shasta-Trinity National Forest visitors

Please check for fire restrictions before you go.

Campfire permits are required to have a campfire or stove at a dispersed site. Campfire permits are available online at

We continue to recommend that you recreate locally. Also all visitors should practice self-sufficiency during your visit to the area. Responsible recreation practices should be maintained at all times, including:

• Maintaining at least six feet distancing from others
• Do not gather in groups and please follow the latest health guidance from officials
• Pack out your trash and leave with everything you bring in and use.
• All services may not be available, so please plan accordingly.

Keep up to date with fun and exciting things going on throughout the forest on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest Facebook page and Twitter page.

For current information about camping, or hiking in the Shasta Lake area, please call the Shasta Lake Ranger Station, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, (530) 275-1587 or (530) 440-4554.

Check the daily lake level report (posted by the Bureau of Reclamation at Shasta Dam).

Recreation Site Update 6/5

Fisherman's Point Day Use Area is closed nightly to vehicles from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.

Deep Creek Campground is inaccessible by vehicle due to storm damage. Do Not Attempt To Pass.

Please keep in mind that campsites must be occupied the first night and cannot be left unattended over 24 hours thereafter.  

Camping stay limits are in effect for all campgrounds. Call the Shasta Lake Ranger Station for information at (530) 275-1587.                  

Developed campgrounds:  Reservation season is May-September and sites can be reserved through the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) at 1-877-444-6777 or online at      

  • Antlers: Loop 1 - Open
  • Antlers: Loop 2 - Open
  • Bailey Cove - Open
  • Ellery Creek - Open
  • Hirz Bay - Open
  • Lakeshore East - Open
  • McCloud Bridge - Open
  •                          Lower Jones Valley - Open                        

Group Campgrounds: Reservations are required.  Call the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) @ 1-877-444-6777 or online at

  • Dekkas Rock - Open
  • Hirz Bay 1 - Open
  • Hirz Bay 2- Open
  • Gregory Creek - Open
  • Mariners Point 1 & 2 - Closed
  • Moore Creek - Open
  • Nelson Point - Closed
  • Pine Point - Open

Boat-In Campgrounds: Open year round on a first-come, first-serve basis, sites have fires rings and picnic tables.  No services - pack it in/pack it out).

  • Arbuckle - Open
  • Gooseneck Cove - Open
  • Greens Creek - Open
  • Ski Island - Open

Boat Ramps: some may be affected by low water level - please call ahead to check 530-275-1587 

  • Antlers - Open
  • Bailey Cove - Open
  • Centimudi - Open
  • Hirz Bay - Open
  • Jones Valley - Open
  • Packers Bay - Open
  • Sugarloaf - Closed

Courtesy docks are at all ramps.  Call the Shasta Lake Ranger Station for up to date information regarding current ramp information (530) 275-1587

There is a daily Recreation Use Fee for boat ramps of $15.00 per vehicle or $20 for patio/houseboats (30 feet or longer).  There are buoys in place to mark a safe boating lane around the bridge construction near Antlers ramp. Centimudi, Packers Bay, and Antlers have accessible loading platforms. Season Passes are available through Shasta Recreation Company at 530-275-8113 or through their website:

Marinas:  Antlers Resort and Marina, Bridge Bay Resort, Digger Bay, Holiday Harbor, Jones Valley Resort, Shasta Marina at Packers Bay, and Silverthorn Resort.

Trails:  Due to winter storms, trails may have debris and other obstacles on the path, caution is advised. When hiking the trails at Shasta Lake please regularly examine yourself for ticks and remove ticks promptly.

Bears:  Please take necessary precautions, such as using bear-resistant lockers for food storage and removing garbage from the campsites immediately.

Mountain Lions:  A mountain lion has been seen and encountered near Packers Bay on Shasta Lake.  Please remain vigilant when hiking trails in the vicinity of Shasta Lake.  For more information on what to do if you encounter a mountain lion, please visit:

Bald Eagles:  January through July is the bald eagle nesting season. Early in the nesting season, you may see the eagles repairing their nest and participating in courtship behavior. Once the eggs are laid, they will be incubated for approximately 35 days before the chicks hatch. While both adults share in the incubation duties, the female generally does most of the incubation. Once hatched, the chicks remain in the nest for approximately 12 weeks before they begin to fly on their own.

Eagle observers are reminded that state and federal laws protect bald eagles and their nest sites. Disturbance around the nest could cause the birds to abandon the nest or discourage them from using the nest in the future. Please enjoy them from a distance. One of the best areas for eagle viewing is on the Pit Arm of Shasta Lake. Anyone observing eagles building a new nest should contact the Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area Biologist Todd Johnson at (530) 242-5550.