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Wilderness Regulations

Nation-wide Wilderness Regulations:

Motorized equipment and equipment used for mechanical transport is prohibited. This includes the use of motor vehicles, motorboats, motorized equipment, bicycles, hang gliders, wagons, carts, portage wheels, and the landing of aircraft including helicopters.

Umpqua National Forest Wilderness Regulations:

The following are prohibited in Umpqua National Forest Wilderness:

  1. Storing equipment, personal property or supplies.
  2. Camping or being within areas posted as closed for vegetation rehabilitation. 
  3. Using a campsite or other area described in the order by more than the number of users allowed by the order.

Maximum group size allowed varies by Wilderness and forest:

  • Boulder Creek Wilderness maximum party size, including livestock, is 12.
  • Mt. Thielsen Wilderness and Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness maximum party size, including livestock, is 20. There is a maximum of 12 people and 8 stock or 12 head of livestock and 8 people per group.
  • Use Mount Thielsen Wilderness within Fremont-Winema National Forest by a group of more than 6 people and 9 pack and saddle stock is prohibited, except on Maidu Lake Trail #1446. Use of Maidu Lake Trail #1446 is limited to a maximum of 12 people and 8 livestock or 12 livestock and 8 people per group.

Weed-free feed is required in all Pacific Northwest National Forests. Please note that forage for pack and saddle animals may be very limited. Keep animals 200 feet away from camp or water.