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A US Forest Service law enforcement officer issues a citation to a dirt biker for operating a motor vehicle in a closed area.Uniformed Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) enforce Federal laws and regulations governing National Forest Lands and resources. As part of that mission LEOs carry firearms, defensive equipment, make arrests, execute search warrants, complete reports and testify in court. Learn more about Enforcement »


A man at a cubicle desk looks at a monitor screen.Special Agents are criminal investigators who plan and conduct investigations concerning possible violations of criminal and administrative provisions of the Forest Service and other statues under the U.S. Code. Special agents are normally plain clothes officers who carry concealed firearms, and other defensive equipment, make arrests, carry out complex criminal investigations, present cases for prosecution to U.S. Attorneys, and prepare investigative reports. Learn more about Investigation »


USFS Regions and LE&I OrganizationsNational Forest lands are divided administratively into regions and each region has a Special Agent in Charge also known as a SAC who oversees the law enforcement program. Each region is divided into zones and special agents are stationed in each zone according to work load. Learn More about Organization »

Drug Control Program

US Forest Service law enforcement officers in camo uniforms walk a man in handcuffs out of the woods.The basic mission of Law Enforcement and Investigations (LE&I) is public and employee safety, resource protection, enforcement of U.S. Criminal Law, and to provide enforcement expertise to other agency managers. The National Forest System Drug Control Act of 1986, as amended in 1988, and Title 16 of the United States Code (U.S.C.), provides authorization to the Forest Service (FS) for law enforcement activities relating to the Controlled Substance Act and Title 21 U.S.C. Subsequently, officers of the FS are charged with performing drug enforcement duties on National Forest System (NFS) lands or in areas with a nexus to NFS lands. Learn more about Drug Control »

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