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Sustainability and Climate

Wildfire smoke obscures the aerial view of a mountain range.
Forest Service Climate Adaptation Plan

Highlighting key risks to the agency from a changing climate and actions it will take to reduce those risks.

A stream flows through a green forest
Streamflow in a Changing Climate

This map viewer helps managers understand changes in streamflow across the United States over the coming century.

Green conifer trees with a dramatic mountain range in the background
Vulnerability Assessments Across the Nation

This dashboard illustrates where climate change vulnerability assessments have been completed across Forest Service regions and national forests.

An Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking was published in the Federal Register on April 21, 2023 asking for public input on how the agency should adapt current policies to protect, conserve, and manage national forests and grasslands for climate resilience. The public comment period ended on July 20, 2023, and comments are now being reviewed.  A virtual public session was held on October 31, 2023.  Additional information, including a recording of the session, is available on the Policy and Initiatives page. 

The Forest Service stewards many of our nation’s most treasured landscapes. Within those landscapes are resources that people need and want, such as clean air and water, recreational opportunities, and forest products. Impacts from climate change, extreme weather, and other disturbances—along with changing human demands—challenge our ability to ensure that ecosystems are healthy, resilient, and more adaptable to changing conditions. The Forest Service is using the best available science to adjust behaviors and actions to ensure our forests and grasslands continue to deliver values, products, and services both now and in the future.

Office of Sustainability and Climate

The Forest Service Office of Sustainability and Climate provides information and tools, technical assistance, and policy support on climate change adaptation, carbon stewardship, and sustainable operations for the Forest Service.


As we continue to face new challenges brought about by climate change, it is important that we consider these effects in our planning and decision making. Today, the Forest Service is working to ensure that our national forests and grasslands are prepared for upcoming changes in climate through adaptation and mitigation. Learn more about adaptation.

Vulnerability Assessments

Climate change vulnerability assessments bring together scientific research and observations from multiple disciplines to identify and quantify the expected impacts of climate change. These assessments can focus on understanding current and predicted climate changes and what is causing them, the consequences of climate change, and the options we have to respond. They can vary greatly in their scope, from addressing climate change globally to looking at a specific location or resource. Learn more about vulnerability assessments.


The Forest Service is a leader in developing tools for carbon assessment, management, and forest carbon cycle science. The Forest Service champions the principles of considering carbon and other benefits together, integrating climate adaptation and mitigation, and balancing carbon uptake and storage in a wide range of ecosystem services. Learn more about carbon.

Climate Tools and Data

Adapting to climate change requires the use of the latest climate models and tool. The Forest Service has developed a variety of climate tools and data to support climate-informed decision-making. Access climate data and tools.


Sustainability in the Forest Service goes beyond managing healthy, resilient forests. It’s about investing in our natural infrastructure to protect clean air, healthy soils, and drinking water. Sustainability is about our commitment to reduce agency greenhouse gas emissions through innovation. Learn more about sustainability.

Climate Action Tracker

The Forest Service Climate Action Tracker shows agency progress to plan for a changing climate, integrates climate adaptation strategies into management decisions, and reduce the Forest Service environmental footprint. Learn more about the Climate Action Tracker.