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Office of Communication Contact Us

National Headquarters
USDA Forest Service
Stop Code 1111 
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, D.C. 20250-0003
(800) 832-1355


Press Inquiries/Media Relations 202-205-1134




Kathryn “Katie” O'Connor, Director   202-205-3643
John Haynes, Deputy Director 202-205-1718
Kenyetta Woods, Staff Assistant 202-205-1051
Hutch Brown, Speech Writer 703-855-1732

Creative Media & Visitor Services

Sonja Beavers, Assistant Director 202-205-1718


Amanda Perry, Lead National Publications Editor 202-205-1470
Vacant, Technical Writer-Editor 202-205-1719
Vacant, National Printing Officer 202-205-1717
Ray Lawrence, Printing Services Specialist 202-205-1109
Caitlin "Katie" Garas, Visual Information Specialist  
Joe Bruce, Visual Information Specialist  

Visual Services

Cecilio Ricardo, Audio Visual Manager 202-205-1427
Tanya Flores, Multimedia Specialist 202-205-1059

Information Center

Renee Green-Smith, Center Manager 202-205-1680
Dominic Cumberland, Visitor Information Specialist/Forest Service
Insignia License Specialist

Issue Management & Media Relations

Chad Douglas, Assistant Director 202-205-1296


Babete Anderson, National Press Officer 202-205-1134

Strategic Communications

Andrew Avitt, Public Affairs Specialist  
Joyce El Kouarti, Public Affairs Specialist 202-205-1094
Imani Lester, Public Affairs Specialist 202-205-1279
Aleksey Minchenkov, Public Affairs Specialist 202-403-8955
Korey Morgan, Public Affairs Specialist   
Kathryn Sosbe, Public Affairs Specialist 202-205-1778
Robert Westover, Public Affairs Specialist 202-205-1777

Corporate & Digital Engagement

Mason Lowery, Assistant Director 202-205-6206
Amy Davis, Public Affairs Specialist 202-205-0920
Luis Rivera, Public Affairs Specialist 703-605-4464


Donavan Albert, National Web Manager 202-205-1407
Angel Ortiz, Assistant Web Manager 202-205-1147

Social Media

Brent Thacker, Public Affairs Specialist