Fire Management

To report a fire: dial 911 or Fort Collins Interagency Dispatch Center (970) 295-6800

Recorded Fire  Information Line: (970) 498-1030

Current Wildland Fires and Fire Restrictions

Fire Suppression: Program and Forces

Fuels Management

Firefighter lighting a prescribed burnFire is one of the most important natural processes across the West. After many years of fire exclusion, a dry ecosystem that needs periodic fire becomes unhealthy. Trees are stressed by overcrowding; fire-dependent species disappear; and flammable fuels build up and become hazardous. However, the right fire at the right place at the right time helps maintain healthy forests, communities and watersheds. On the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland we are working closely with our partners along the northern Front Range of Colorado to increase the scope and scale of forest restoration work. See the Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative's website for details!

Fire Prevention

Firefighters during a simulation

Fire prevention is one way you can help CARE FOR COLORADO. Planning ahead and making sure you Know Before You Go is crucial to do your part to avoid human caused fires. You can do your part to protect the forest, grassland, watersheds, wildlife and communities by always making sure your campfire, when and where allowed, is cold to the touch before leaving it unattended. Homeowners can also find information on the Firewise program and cooperative efforts though the Colorado State Forest Service on our fire prevention website. Remember, #OnlyYou!

Fire Hire

Firefighters stand on barren ground near tall trees and flames in front of them.The Forest Service hires permanent and seasonal firefighters. Look for job series #0462, which includes most fire-related jobs, when searching Rocky Mountain Region, USAJobs and other listings.

Additional information is available for the Roosevelt Hotshots positions.