Fire Management

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Firefighter lighting a prescribed burnFire management combines elements of fire prevention, fire suppression and fire use. Wildland fire is inevitable in North American ecosystems. Wise-use of fire deploys the historical role of fire and enhances long-term wildland values. Managing forest fuels and inevitable wildfires requires coordination in northern Colorado among multiple community stakeholders.

Current Wildland Fires and Fire Restrictions

Alert: To report a fire dial 911 or call dispatch (970) 295-6800.

Smoke rises over treetops during a wildlfire


  • Get recorded updates by calling our Fire Incident Information Hotline: (970) 498-1030
  • Review national fire incident information and updates online at InciWeb
  • Check our closure orders page for information about areas that maintain year-round fire restrictions.
  • County restrictions may apply on forestlands. Check State-wide Fire Restriction Information


Fire Suppression: Program and Forces

Graphic: Hotshots logo
Roosevelt Interagency Hotshot Crew 

LOGO: Northern Colorado Interagency Helitack

Northern Colorado Interagency Helitack

Logo: Fort Collins Interagency Dispatch & Aviation Center

Fort Collins Interagency Dispatch & Aviation Center

Black rectangular logo with an airtanker flying over red flames.

Jeffco Airtanker Base 


Fire Hire



The Forest Service hires permanent and seasonal firefighters. Look for job series #0462, which includes most fire-related jobs, when searching Rocky Mountain Region, USAJobs and other listings.

Additional information is available for the Roosevelt Hotshots positions. See also forest employment page.

Fuels Management

Firefighters during a simulation

Call our Fire Incident Information Hotline: (970) 498-1030 to find out about ongoing prescribed fires or the burning of piles of thinning debris on the forest.

To protect homes, and improve the health of the forest and wildlife habitat, we use several methods to reduce forest vegetation (fuels), where the forest may be subject to an intense, destructive wildland fire. 

Fire Prevention

Firefighters gather during a training on the ground.

Fire prevention includes wildfire prevention, trip planning, tips for protection your home from wildfire and Community Wildfire Protection Plans. Find information on the Firewise program and cooperative efforts though the Colorado State Forest Service.

Safety: Check rules & regulations and safety tips for forest and grassland visitors to keep everyone safe while visiting public lands.