Passes & Permits

The Coconino National Forest offers a variety of special use permits for recreation, forest products and events and commercial activities.

  • Recreation Passes

    group of people hiking

    Recreation passes and permits include Forest and Interagency recreation site passes.

  • Product Permits

    rustic firewood logs

    Forest products permits include permits to gather fire wood, permits to gather live plants and trees and permits to gather rocks, stones and to cut Christmas Trees.

  • Event/Commercial Permits

    OHVs on the Coconino

    Outfitter guides, and any function where the public is invited or there is a fee charged are considered "commercial events." Non-commercial events would include large gatherings (such as weddings and family reunions).

  • Research and Other Permits

    Shaggy Juniper

    A permit is required for research on the Forest. Follow this link for more information and to begin your permit request.

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