Welcome to the National Forests in Florida

The Ocala, Osceola and Apalachicola have something special for you!

Kayaker on a sub-tropic forest river.


If you're anywhere near Florida, you'll want to take the time to explore your national forests. 

Apalachicola National Forest

The Apalachicola National Forest, just outside Tallahassee, is home to some of the most unique animal and plant species in the world. Here, visitors can enjoy safe, family-friendly activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking and trail-riding while surrounded by tranquil, diverse ecosystems.

Ocala National Forest

Nestled between well-known theme parks and white, sandy beaches, the jewels of the Ocala National Forest attract visitors from around the world.

A travel destination in its own right, the Ocala features more than 600 lakes and rivers where visitors enjoy swimming, fishing, snorkeling, canoeing and boating.

From migratory birds and playful manatees to delicate freshwater springs and some of the world's rarest plants, the Ocala is a haven for people (and animals) to escape to one of Florida's remaining wild places. Here, opportunities abound for all to bask in the wonders of Mother Nature 365 days a year.

Osceola National Forest

The Osceola National Forest, west of Jacksonville, is a peaceful place where people come to escape their busy lives and reconnect with the land. Flatwoods and swamps transport visitors back in time and provide a tranquil setting for first-rate hunting, fishing and swimming opportunities.

Florida National Scenic Trail

The National Forests in Florida also manages the 1,300-mile Florida National Scenic Trail, one of 11 national scenic trails in the United States.

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