Learning Center

Interpretive sign at Fanny Bay

With more than 1.2 million acres of public land in North Florida and a statewide green corridor, the Florida National Scenic Trail, running 1,400 miles from the Everglades to Pensacola, the National Forests in Florida are the ultimate outdoor classroom for families, schools, civic groups, and individuals who want to learn more about the complex interactions of habitats and species in Florida.

Whether it's on an expedition with family for a day of fishing at your favorite lake, or a guided walk with a biologist out into a longleaf pine island to find red-cockaded woodpecker nests, there are learning opportunities galore throughout your public lands.


National Teacher Appreciation Week 2019

Young woman with brown hair in a flowered dress, yellow sweater in front of green shrub

The National Forests in Florida congratulates Kirsten Brazier for her award-winning achievements with Project Learning Tree.

Florida's Animals

Gopher frog

Many of Florida's animals - furry, feathered, and scaled - aren't like you see elsewhere in the United States. Learn more about our unique species here!


Florida's Plants

Wild azalea

Florida's botanical diversity has been well-documented for centuries. Discover online field guides and historic botanical information in this section.