Passes & Permits

The Forest Service manages the national forests for a number of multiple uses, including recreation, timber, wilderness, minerals, water, grazing, fish and wildlife. Our job is to help you share and enjoy the forest, while conserving the environment for generations to come. To help us meet this goal, certain activities, such as firewood collection, require that you have a permit, while others, such as camping, benefit from passes.

Hiawatha National Forest offers recreation passes and/or fuelwood/firewood permits to visitors by appointment.

  • Recreation Passes

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    Learn about recreation passes including day, annual and lifetime recreation passes, the cost and how to purchase one.

  • Forest Products

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    Information about fuelwood/firewood permits, along with details about plant collection, gathering, minerals and holiday tree permits.

  • Commercial

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    Obtain to commercial permit for recreation events (e.g. races, rallies, contests, adventure games, concerts etc.) commercial photography, filming, sound recording, outfitting and guides, and road use permits across NFS land to access private property.

  • Other Permits

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    Information on snowplowing, water transmission, road and utility right-of-ways, research, and other permits

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