Passes & Permits

  • Interagency Passes

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    The Interagency Passes are honored nationwide at all Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and US Fish & Wildlife Service sites charging entrance or standard amenity fees.

  • Forest Product Permits

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    Collecting and removing forest products requires a permit. Forest products include items; such as, firewood, edible material, decorative material, plants, and other woody material.

  • Special Use Permits

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    Certain types of activities and uses of public lands require "Special Use Authorizations." An authorization is a legal document that grants permission for occupancy or use of National Forest System lands. Both commercial activities and noncommercial uses activities often require obtaining an authorization.

  • Campfire Permits

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    A campfire permit is required for campfire use, except when camping in a developed campground.

  • Personal Fuelwood Permits

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    Permits can be purchased that allow you to cut firewood on the Lassen National Forest. Permits are for noncommercial, personal use only.

  • Christmas Tree Permits

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    Lassen National Forest Christmas Tree Permits will be available November 1st.

Fee-Free Days

The Forest Service waives recreation fees at most day-use sites on lands managed by the agency. Participation by concession-operated sites may vary. The 2022 dates are: