Transitional Monitoring Plan is Finalized

The 2012 Planning Rule (36 CFR 219) requires the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest (the Forest) to establish a land management plan monitoring program by May 9, 2016, or as soon as practicable, that is consistent with the new Planning Rule’s monitoring requirements. Transitional Monitoring Plan page


Forest Restoration Strategy

The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest has a comprehensive strategy for restoring our forests and watersheds. 

Ponderosa trees in forest


Travel Analysis Report

Forest road

Travel analysis takes a comprehensive look at the roads of the entire forest, and the issues, risks, and benefits for all users, and the associated forest resources. Interdisciplinary teams have reviewed available data, along with information we received from the public, about our roads, access needs, and the affected forest resources with the goal of determining where changes to current road management practices would be beneficial. The Forest has released a travel analysis report that outlines existing roads systems and identifies opportunities to achieve a more sustainable system of roads. These travel analysis reports are part of nationwide requirement involving national forests across the country.  MORE...

Travel Analysis

Forest road

The ability to maintain the roads of the National Forest Transportation System is directly linked to available funding. Funding for road maintenance on National Forests has steadily decreased, and all indications are pointing toward continued reductions in funding. Meanwhile, despite our best efforts to maintain and improve roads for appropriate access and the protection of forest resources, many roads and bridges are aging into disrepair.

Finding the proper balance between environmental protection, affordable maintenance, and continued public access in the Forest road system is called for by Forest Service policy....  MORE

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Travel Analysis Report


Late Successional Reserve and Managed Late Successional Area Assessments

Late Successional Reserve Assessments for Wenatchee National Forest, Eastern Washington Cascades Province, Yakima Province and Okanogan National Forest Northeastern Cascades

Current Forest Plans

Current Land and Resource Management Plans for the Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests


Monitoring Reports

Monitoring Reports for the Land and Resource Management Plans of the Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests