Each National Forest and Grassland is governed by a management plan in accordance with the National Forest Management Act(NFMA). These plans set management, protection, and use goals and guidelines. Monitoring conditions on a Forest or Grassland ensures projects follow plan direction and determines effects that might require management change.

Planning involves reviewing project documents and monitoring conditions to ensure projects are done in accordance with plan direction and to determine any effects that might require a change in management.

You can find out about current forest planning efforts at the individual forest and grassland websites. Completed plans are also available for viewing. Select the forest or grassland you are interested in from the list below.


Rio Grande National Forest Plan Revision

The Rio Grande National Forest is currently revising their forest plan. The forest plan is the overarching document that guides all management decisions and activities on the entire Rio Grande National Forest, including activities such as wildfire management, grazing, timber production, recreation, wildlife management, and firewood cutting.

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U.S. Institute’s Neutral Assessment Report on Regional and National Stakeholder

This neutral situation assessment provides the Forest Service with an overview of perspectives on the design of some of the regional and national stakeholders for engagement in forest plan revision processes in Region 2. Understanding the various perspectives is critical for designing a stakeholder engagement process that is effective, legitimate, and long-lasting.

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