Outdoor Safety & Ethics

Safety icon - Red cross on a white backgroundThe Rocky Mountain Region manages 17 national forests and seven national grasslands throughout Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, along with most of South Dakota and Wyoming. The Rocky Mountain Region offers many different types of world-class recreational opportunities, year-round.
Safety of visitors is the number one concern of the US Forest Service! The number two concern is that the many diverse people who recreate on US Forest Service lands now do so in a responsible and ethical way. This way, the following generations of recreation users will be able to enjoy US Forest Service lands in the same or better condition than they exist now.
This section provides information on how current users of US Forest Service lands can enjoy the recreational opportunities of the Rocky Mountain Region in a safe and ethical manner. While you are enjoying the many diverse types of recreation opportunities available within the Rocky Mountain Region, if you ever have any question regarding safety, or if you think someone is acting in an unethical manner, call or visit the closest local Ranger District office for help.
Since there are too many topics relating to outdoor safety and ethics to have on one page, we have given each subject its own section. Select the links below to get more information regarding outdoor safety or outdoor ethics:
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Remember...Use Forest Service Lands
In a Safe and Ethical Manner!