Maps & Publications

The US Forest Service provides several types of publications and maps to the public. The material is available in many forms: brochures, maps, Recreational Opportunity Guides (ROGs), on such subjects as recreation, sightseeing, wilderness, travel management, and vegetation.

Forest Maps

Tahoe NF MapThe Forest Service publishes a variety of map products to help you plan your next adventure or enjoy your next visit!

For example:

In general, forest visitor and other kinds of maps may also be purchased at most Tahoe National Forest Offices.

Forest Publications

Our publications fall into a few broad categories: administrative, general, recreation and research publications.

Recreation Opportunity Guides

Tahoe NF Publication

Camping and Picnicking


OHV Trails


These are just a sampling of the types of handouts that are free at your local forest office.‚Äč


Bears and You

Take the necessary precautions to minimize bear interactions - to protect you and your loved ones as well as the bear.

Preserving the Past

This brochure explains the importance of protecting archeological and historical sites on the National Forest. 

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