Forest Products Permits

You must obtain a permit before removing any forest products from the Umpqua National Forest. The permit process enables the Forest Service to track demand for products, the amount of products removed from the Forest, and to protect resources. Some of the more common products we sell are firewood, Christmas trees, mushrooms, greenery such as salal and beargrass, posts and poles for fencing, and live transplants.

Most product permits require a mimimum payment of $20 or more. Product prices vary depending on the product's availability, amount purchased, and market value.

Free use permits are also available most forest products, including firewood and mushrooms. These permits are issued for personal use in non-commercial amounts.

How to Request a Permit

Call one of our Ranger District offices or email to request a permit. In your email, please include your name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, the type of permit you are requesting, and the ranger district you are requesting a permit for. Additionally, if you are requesting a product other than firewood or mushrooms, please include a completed permit application with information about the product, quantity, and location you are requesting.

Before driving to a ranger station to purchase a permit, please call ahead to ensure that someone is available to help you, as some ranger stations issue permits by appointment and not all products are available on all four districts. Permits must be obtained at the ranger district office for the harvest area.

Christmas tree permits can also be purchased online at

Special Forest Products

Learn more about permits for various special forest products: